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Flight Deck

Flying in Cumbria

Flying outside Cumbria






Theory & tutorials



Fly Sussex buying guide



Sharing the Lakes with Low Flying Jets



Alps Paragliding VolBiv 2019: Nice to the Dolomites

Emergency Parachute Throw - A good study

X-Lakes 2019 - Flybubble's Greg Hamerton


Gliderbase - Paraglider search and compare

The 6 peak challenge - Alex Colbeck

Alptitude! podcasts

Australian Paragliding Squad podcasts

Scottish Paragliding l Companion guide (books)

Speedflying in the Lake District - Simon Blake (book)

Resounding Silence - Greenland climb & fly

Chasing Summits - Pakistan

Satellite beacons comparison (Outdoor Lab 2018)

Garmin inReach mini: HikingGuy in-depth review

Garmin inReach mini: DC Rainmaker in-depth review

North of Known (2017) - Gavin McClurg & Dave Turner vol biv in Alaska

How to use digital topo maps - Free OpenStreetMap based maps and OS maps

PG XC Flight Browser

Flybubble weather page

Understanding the Alps. Six videos - Kelly Farina

Richard Carter flies 300km in the UK (2018)

Flytec sensbox

How to launch in a crosswind - Flybubble

Safety Bulletin 15, Mar '18 - St Bees cliff soaring, pre-flight checks, spring conditions

Ground Handling Challenge

Safety Bulletin 14, Feb 2018 - Safety system & radios

Dec 2017

Flying the North Lakes, Crummock Water and Buttermere - Nik Valiris

Nov 2017

Safety Bulletin 13, Oct 2017
Wolf hang glider accident, tree landing, first aid app, Launch accident at Wether Fell

Gavin McClurg's Mountain Masterclass

Mountain Rescue presentation - Jocky Sanderson

SIV presentation - Jocky Sanderson

Tony Thompson flies for the Motor Neuron Disease Association

Aug 2017

Paraglider line materials and why they matter to you

Tree landings

July 2017

Ridge soaring a paraglider in light wind conditions

Red Bull X-alps

Ojovolador paraglider reviews

The coanda effect

May 2017

Planet.OSM extracts - many map formats offered

 Garmin Topo vs OS Discoverer vs Talkytoaster

WingBeat Paragliding - Scottish Borders

GarminOSM - Free maps for Garmin devices

Safety Bulletin 12 - Spring turbulence, Barton Fell XCs & Haig Pit incidents

How to read wind barbs (as used in Tephigrams)

April 2017

DHV Safety Classes

DHV Safety Classes Intro l Part 2 - Testing l

Inspired - Several pilots share their passion

Mini instruments - Free.Aero 2016

Airprox - File an Airprox report

Mar 2017

DIY GoPro, monopod, elastic and magnets

GPS vs Barometric altitude - the definitive answer

Sir John Barrow Monument, Hoad Hill - Oct '16

Ennerdale to Cartmel - May 2016

Landing Out - Where and How?

Altitudes - What height are you at?

Speed to fly basics - Jeff Greenbaum

Antoine Girard soars above 8000m (2016)

The Coriolis effect l Coriolis roundabout l

NASA - Bernoulli and Newton l Aerodynamic forces

NASA - Incorrect theories - 1 l 2 l 3 l

NASA - Correct theories - Lift from Pressure-area
l Lift from flow turning l

NASA - Aerodynamics Index

How wings really work - Cambridge University

How does a wing actually work?

How do wings generate lift - Learn Engineering

Fledglings - fly off the highest peak in Mexico

An introduction to the BHPA - Marc Asquith

AirWhere introduction - Phil Colbert

XC Soar and Kobo Workshop - Nev Almond

Safety Bulletin 11 - Mar 2017, The dangers of high voltage power lines

Feb 2017

ParaglidingEarth - Wikipedia-like global sites guide

Pilot rating lectures from the DSC - Meteorology, Airlaw and Theory of Flight

Safety Bulletin archive

50 Ways to Fly Better - Bruce Goldsmith

BHPA Pilot Handbook - Mark Dale

Classic Routes - Bob Drury

Flying the Wainwrights - Simon Blake

Mastering Paragliding - Kelly Farina

Meteorology and Flight - Tom Bradbury

Prepare to Fly - Simon Blake

Thermal Flying - Burkhard Martens

Touching Cloudbase - Ian Currer

Understanding Flying Weather - Derek Piggott

Understanding the Sky - Denis Pagen

The Paraglider - many articles & pod/webcasts

Making a paraglider - Free.aero

Flying in Wave - Judith Mole with Steve Hudson

Safety Bulletin 10 - Feb 2017, Flying in cloud and flying wet gliders

WindyTV - Wind flow animation and more

XC Soar vs XCTrack - Ed Cleasby

Red Screes, Kirkstone Pass - Jan 2017

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Jan 2017

Choosing the right reserve - Flybubble

DHV certification class recommendations

DHV classification of paragliders

DHV safety class tests - glider list

DHV safety tests - includes LTF A & B class wings

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Nov 2016

Skiddaw webcam - Hazeldene hotel, Keswick

Derwent Water - Hazeldene hotel, Keswick

Black Combe to Keswick, 70km - Aug 2016

Safety Bulletin 09 - Oct2016, Windy gaps, pressure on launch, busy sites, full stalls & polars

Skiddaw inverted fly down - Oct 2016

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Oct 2016

Staying up in weak lift - Passion Paragliding

Flymaster vario ringtone (mp3)

Flymaster - World airspace and map files

Dzjow - free topographic maps for many countries

Talkytoaster - Free maps for Garmins & Basecamp

BaseCamp - free Garmin mapping software

QMapShack - free open source mapping tool

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Sept 2016

WhatsApp messaging - many OS options

OSMand, maps and navigation - iOS & Android

Locus Map - Android l Orux Maps - Android

Viewranger, maps and navigation - iOS & Android

OpenStreetMap l OpenTopoMap l Why OSM?

OpenMTBmap - Free maps for Garmin Basecamp

OpenAndroMaps - Free smartphone maps

Safety Bulletin 08 - Sep2016, Reserve deployment, rescue & tracking, speed flying, boots

Cloudbase Mayhem - Gavin McClurg's website

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Aug 2016

Advance Epsilon 8 (ENB, 2016) - Flybubble

XC Retrieve - video walkthrough

Safety Bulletin 07 - Aug2016, Tailbridge, drones, boots, buckles, pre-flight checks, glider repairs

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July 2016

Elementary Pilot Training Guide 2016 - BHPA

Skywings - BHPA. View older magazines online

Instruments and their diversity - Skywings 2015

The Alaska Traverse - XC mag's Ed Ewing interviews Gavin McClurg about Alaska and more

Andrew McMahon - www.1photo1.com

Silecroft - Lakes Charity Classic 2016

Forecasting the good days - Free.aero

DAAT - Location in an emergency - iOS & Android

Free.aero paragliding magazine - iOS and Android

Airtribune - Live tracking platform like LiveTrack24

Airtribune app for live tracking - iOS and Android

LiveTrack24 tracking app - iOS and Android

Finsterwalder harness buckle problems (2016)

Instruments the new generation - Free Aero 2015

Understanding Alpine Foehn (2008)

Cumbrian Foehn - The Helm Wind

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June 2016

Gavin McClurg on Rockies Traverse - Judith Mole

OS Locate - OS grid ref, iOS & Android

Grid Reference - Simple OS grid ref, Android

How to forecast flying weather - Flybubble

Telegram messaging app - many OS options, as used at the Lakeland Charity Open

Gin Sprint 3 (ENB, 2016) - Flybubble

Live Tracking - 2016 options in 'Free Aero'

Safety Bulletin 06 - Jun2016, difficult landings at Yoke & Buttermere Moss. Ultralight first aid kit

Using a stirrup - Simon Blake

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May 2016

Satellite Messengers and Personal Locator Beacons

Carl Side Speedflying - Gordie Oliver

Grisedale Pike Speedflying - Gordie Oliver

Halls Fell hurterling, Blencathra - Gordie Oliver

Helvellyn and Striding Edge by drone

Lake District Ski Club, Jan2012 - Gordie Oliver

Ozone Fire fly having it... - Gordie Oliver

50K or Bust! - Paragliding articles from Nigel Page

LiveTrack24 - Follow pilots around the world

Cross Country magazine travel guide 2010/2011

Safety Bulletin 05 - 9May2016, incl' landing out crash, mid-air, helmet line trap, pre-flight checks, hook knife, Rules of the air - Lowca, drone airprox

Safety Bulletin 04 - Apr 2016, All about pods!

Safety Bulletin 03 - Mar 2016, Glider choice, EN ratings, aspect ratio and safety. Pre-flight check reminders. Site codes & grid refs. Emergency card

The Rocky Mountains Traverse (2014, 52min)
Will Gadd & Gavin McClurg vol biv 800km

CSC Emergency Card - New in May 2016
Print four credit card sized copies at once

Two magazines added in 'Technology and Online'
Skywords (Dales DHPC), Airborn (New Zealand)

Survival and First Aid Kit - Emma Cassanova

Frequent Flyers Project, two pilots go flying in
Ep1 - New Zealand
l Ep2 - Nepal l Ep 3 - Namibia

vid Preparing for paragliding adventures by competition pilot Ruth Churchill Dower

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April 2016

Buttermere coaching day May '15 - Andy Clegg

pdf Hang-gliding harnesses with back plates - BHPA Safety Advisory - 15 Feb 2016

XC Retrieve - Useful online tracking system, Instructions and help - Tim Pentreath

Satellite trackers vs PLBs - MountainSafety.co.uk

Lakeland Charity Open

Declaring flights with a Flytec 6015 - Simon Blake

FlySkyHy Video Walkthrough

vid Nova Ion 4 - glider review

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March 2016

Vincent Talleu loved his first XC

The Dream of Dolomites - paragliding

vid Karakoram Highway - Himalayan PG adventure

'How to choose a paraglider?' - Flybubble

Google custom search added to 'KB'

Plastic rods - DHV on the pros and cons

Which flight instrument is right for you? - XC mag

Unsheathed lines fragility - Free.Aero article - added to Micro lines article

pdf EN-Lightenment? - Kelly Farina discusses EN-Bs

XC Soar/KOBO notes - Nigel Page

vid 500 Miles to Nowhere - Film Festival Edit

vid Home Flight (PG) - Jean-Baptiste Chandelier

Garmin airspace maps by Simon Headford

pdf BHPA safety advisory - Unsheathed upper cascade lines - added to Micro lines article

vid Free Flyers (2014) - American hang gliding film

pdf BHPA advice on SIV courses

vid Coniston Old Man 28Feb2016 - Ed Cleasby

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Feb 2016

Altitudes - What height are you at? Free.Aero

FreeFlight - Official Irish HG & PG magazine

Hang Gliding and Paragliding - US HG & PG mag

Asymmetric collapses - Free.Aero 2015 (30MB)

Frontal collapses - Free.Aero (Jul 2014 - 12MB)

Stalls - Free.Aero (Mar 2014 - 12MB)

pdf Free.Aero - free worldwide online magazine

Ed Cleasby - Picasa web album

Paragliding off Grisedale Pike - Mike Harper

Brigsteer - a soaring site or not?

vid Surfing Australia's morning glory wave cloud

Airspace maps - WW Soaring Turnpoint Exchange

LK8000 - Open source flight computer software

vid More Than a Feeling - includes linked feet acro

Syride SYS'Nav - Skywings review

BlueFlyVario - can connect to external devices
Here's a PGF discussion about the BlueFlyVario

XC Tracer - Lag free vario and GPS unit
PGF discussion
l XC Tracer + FlySkyHy review

pdf iOS apps for pilots - HG & PG mag (Dec 2015)

vid Airflow animations - silent video graphics

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Jan 2016

Cloud Appreciation Society - many cloud pics

See You software - Flight planning and analysis
by Naviter - Windows, Android and iOS

pdf Tephigrams - what you need to know

Wave - Tom Payne gets caught in alpine wave

vid Red Bull X-Alps 2015: The Documentary

The Holy Grail - Mike Cavanagh and Kitt Rudd
In search of the first Cumbrian 100km flight

vid Dancing with Aurora - Horacio Lorens
Night, a lit wing and the Aurora Borealis, Norway

vid Grasmoor Bobcat - down to Crummock Water

vid Harter Fell Speedfly - descent to Haweswater

vid Kentmere Speedflying - two fly downs

Safety Bulletin 02 - 27 Jan 2016, includes mini-wing accident & accident management

vid Beauty of paragliding - stabilised HD chase cam

vid Magic paragliding 2015 - a good Swiss montage

Dust of the Universe - Ziad Bassil, Independent tests of many new gliders

spkr Judith Mole talks to Ziad about what he does

Cross the Country (170km) - Mike Cavanagh
The first flight over 100 miles from Cumbria

Earth Wind Map - Global wind animation
Drag and zoom anywhere, click for wind speed

FlySkyHy reviews
2013 review
l 2015 review l by Tim Pentreath

Glympse - phone app to share your location. Ease your retrieve. Android, iOS and Windows phone

One Touch Location
Phone app texts/emails your location

Ordnance Survey maps - free at WalkLakes, register to view 1:25,000 scale

PG XC flight browser - Filter and analyse data from the UK XC league

XCTrack - flight computer for Android - PG forum discussion about XCTrack

Wing loading - Adrian Thomas

pdf Fly Safe On The Ridge - 3 articles by Nigel Page
l Collision Avoidance l Following
l Crowding l

pdf RASP demystified

vid Paragliding above inversion - Stuart Holmes

vid Skiddaw orographic time lapse - Stuart Holmes

vid Weird wave over stone circle - Stuart Holmes

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25 Jan 2016

Knowledge Base added to the CSC website









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