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Theory & tutorials


CSC club safety

CSC safety scheme

Safety Bulletins archive

Latest Safety Bulletin 12, May 2017 - Spring XCs

Sites Guides: Notes for sites officers

More 'CSC club safety'


Clouds and related hazards - see 'Clouds' below

Collapses and glider control in 'Technique'

Dust Devils - Adrian Thomas raises awareness

Fly Safe On The Ridge - 3 articles by Nigel Page

Mountain flying safety tips - Chris Scammell

Wave - Tom Payne gets caught in alpine wave

Wet Gliders & Big Ears - Mike Cavanagh

Dealing with...Turbulence!!! - Ed Cleasby

Getting blown back. Don't Panic! - Ed Cleasby

Spiral dives - BHPA safety notice

Avoid the rotor - Flybubble

Preparing for flying adventures - competition tips & accident analysis - Ruth Churchill Dower

Russell Ogden on flying technique and safety

Nova's 'Dynamic Decisions' - flight instability
Released in 2004 but still of some interest


More on flying clouds in 'Technique' and 'XC'

Cloud Flying! - Dave Ashcroft
Playing with giants? "Shit happens"

Escaping cloud suck - Tips from expert Adrian Thomas in this PG forum discussion

The perils of cloud flying - Richard Butterworth
Eye-opening paraglide through an English cloud

Video Miracle In The Storm (2010)
A thunderstorm takes Ewa Wisnierska to 9,947m


Airprox - File an Airprox report

BHPA Safety notices, incidents, CANP & more



Have a margin - safety thoughts from Will Gadd

Accidents and how to avoid them - Judith Mole

Why can't we get a handle on this safety thing?

PDF Safety Sense leaflet - Your decisions and safety

Shhhh...don't mention the S-word
How to improve safety culture?

Accidents - You can make a difference

DHV and EN

DHV cert. recommendations l wing classifications

DHV safety tests - includes LTF A & B class wings

DHV Safety Classes l DHV tested glider list

DHV Safety Classes Intro l Part 2 - Testing

EN certification - wings, harnesses & reserves

EN classes - BHPA advice on choosing wings

EN-Lightenment? - Kelly Farina discusses EN-Bs

Equipment issues

See also the main 'Equipment' section

Brummel hooks come undone - solutions l more

Convertible rucksack harness safety (2011)

Finsterwalder harness buckle problems (2016)

Micro lines/Unsheathed lines

Plastic rods - DHV on the pros and cons

Pod harnesses (2012?) - DHV report on six

pdf New Airbag Technology

Emergency gear

Emergency parachutes - BHPA advice

Satellite Messengers and Personal Locator Beacons

Survival and First Aid Kit - Emma Cassanova

Tree landings

Hang gliding

pdf Hang-gliding harnesses with back plates
BHPA Safety Advisory - 15 Feb 2016


pdf SIV courses - BHPA advice

SIV/Pilotage - Benefits of an SIV course
Judith Mole with Pat Dower & Geoff Minshull


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