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Theory & tutorials


Aerofoil theory

NASA - Aerodynamics Index

NASA - Bernoulli and Newton l Aerodynamic forces

NASA - Incorrect theories - one l two l three l

NASA - Lift from Pressure-area l from flow turning

How wings really work - Cambridge University

How does a wing actually work?

How do wings generate lift - Learn Engineering

The coanda effect

Elementary Pilot

Elementary Pilot Training Guide - BHPA

DSC video presentations

Meteorology 1 l Met 2 l Airlaw l Theory of flight l

Pilot exam notes by Graham Taylor


Flight theory and Instruments


PG & HG - Advanced pilot exam notes

Advance Pilot Revision - originally a 'powerpoint'

More pilot notes

Aviation weather principles - illustrated PPL notes

Pilot exam syllabus

pdf Stability - Dept of Earth System Science, UCI

Exams online

Paragliding Elementary Pilot Knowledge Test

Paragliding Club Pilot Knowledge Test

Pilot exams - online multiple choice tests (KHPA)

Pilot exam aimed at HG, but useful for PG too



Declaring flights with a Flytec 6015

XC Retrieve instructions l walk through l

GPS Dump - A guide written by a beginner

GPS Dump - Written by an experienced user

pdf RASP demystified

vid Flymaster instruments - a set of good tutorials

GPS vs Pressure Altitude: Naviter's Andrej Kolar

Interpreting the RASP - 19 min tutorial

How to forecast flying weather - Flybubble

vid Plastic rods and packing a paraglider - Gin


How to use digital topo maps (OS and OSM)


Altitudes - What height are you at?

GPS vs Barometric altitude: the definitive answer

Why bigger gliders are better - Bruce Goldsmith

Thermals - in three parts by Will Gadd

Wing loading - Adrian Thomas

pdf Tephigrams (Skew-T) - what you need to know

How to read wind barbs (as used in Tephigrams)

vid Airflow animation - over terrain, cloud formation

The Coriolis effect l Coriolis roundabout l

pdf Rotor simulation

Civil Aviation Authority

Aviation Abbreviations - A Wikipedia list

CAA's website

CAA - Airspace Classifications

CAA - Guide to VFR/Airspace and more


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