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50 Ways to Fly Better - Bruce Goldsmith

BHPA Pilot Handbook - Mark Dale

Classic Routes - Bob Drury

Flying the Wainwrights - Simon Blake

Mastering Paragliding - Kelly Farina l Ed's review l

Meteorology and Flight - Tom Bradbury

Prepare to Fly - Simon Blake

Thermal Flying - Burkhard Martens

Touching Cloudbase - Ian Currer

Understanding Flying Weather - Derek Piggott

Understanding the Sky - Denis Pagen


Airborn - Official New Zealand HGPA magazine

Cross Country magazine - 'In the core since 1988'

Flying World Paragliding News - online magazine

Free.Aero - free worldwide online magazine

FreeFlight - Official Irish HG & PG magazine

Hang Gliding and Paragliding - US HG & PG mag

Skywings - BHPA. View older magazines online

Skywords - DHPC (Yorkshire Dales) club magazine

The Paraglider - Online mag, hosts good podcasts


Paragliding hubs

50K or Bust! - Paragliding articles from Nigel Page

Cloudbase Mayhem - Gavin McClurg's website

Jérôme Daoust's - 'Expanding Knowledge'

Judith's Blog - Good resources & pod/webcasts

Paragliding Earth - A Wikipedia for flying sites

Paragliding Forum - biggest international forum

Paragliding Channel HD - over 5000 vids on Vimeo

The Paraglider - many articles & pod/webcasts

Video shorts

vid Beauty of paragliding
Stabilised chase cam from the Dolomites

vid Dancing with Aurora - Horacio Lorens
Night, a lit wing and the Aurora Borealis, Norway

Inspired - Several pilots share their passion

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier - Paragliding
l Urban Side l Light Line l Home Flight l

vid The Dolomites Air - chase cam part 1 l part 2

The Dream of Dolomites - paragliding

vid Magic paragliding 2015 - a good Swiss montage

vid More Than a Feeling - includes linked feet acro

vid Surprised kitesurfer Erik Eck is lifted very high by a powerful updraft over the beach


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