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Theory & tutorials


Choosing the right instrument

Which flight instrument is right for you? - XC mag

Instruments and their diversity - Skywings 2015

Flight computer apps

FlySkyHy - Excellent iPhone paragliding app
Video Walkthrough l 2013 review l 2015 review

FlyMe - Android l PG Forum discussion

LK8000 - Open source flight computer software
International support l PG Forum discussion

XCTrack - free flight computer for Android
PG Forum discussion about XCTrack

XC Soar vs XCTrack - Ed Cleasby

XC Soar - good open source glide computer
many platforms
l PG Forum discussion

XC Soar/Kobo/Bluefly notes - Nigel Page

XC Soar and Kobo Workshop - Nev Almond


Airspace maps and general maps in 'XC'



Instruments - hardware

Mini instruments - Free.Aero 2016

Instruments the new generation - Free.Aero 2015

BlueFlyVario - can connect to external devices
Development l PGF discussion l

Flytec Element review - Flybubble

Flynet XC1 review - Flybubble

Flymaster Live SD - Flybubble review
vid Flymaster instruments - a set of good tutorials

Naviter Oudie 3 - Flybubble review l video l

Syride SYS'Nav - Skywings review

XC Tracer - Lag free vario and GPS unit
PGF discussion
l XC Tracer + FlySkyHy review


Five mapping setups - Flybubble

Tracking & emergency beacons

Airtribune - Live tracking platform

AirWhere introduction l Build your own

Live Tracking - 2015 options in 'Free Aero'

LiveTrack24 - Follow pilots around the world

Satellite Messengers and Personal Locator Beacons

XC Retrieve - Pilots share locations on a map
Video walkthrough l Instructions and help


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