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What is a knowledge base?

This is the Free Dictionary definition:

"The  collection  of  information  representing  the  collective  knowledge  of  an organization,  arranged  for  easy  search  and  retrieval".

Why create a Knowledge Base?

It's creation was motivated by a desire to archive Cumbria Soaring Club flying knowledge, produced by pilots for pilots.

There's a wealth of knowledge within the club. Over the years good articles have been written in the club online forum, the articles section of the website, for the club magazine and Skywings etc. These articles are effectively lost as passing time makes them harder to find. The Knowledge Base provides a permanent home for this material.

Knowledge exchange

What's in the CSC Knowledge Base?

Having gone to the effort of creating a Knowledge Base for locally generated content, it was a good opportunity to archive items from other clubs and sources too. So it's actually a mix of archived content and links to external sites.

eg Articles by Ed Cleasby for the Dales HG and PG club are stored here. There are experts' articles from the 'Paragliding Forum', CSC documents, videos from Flybubble and links to podcasts etc. The authors have been contacted wherever possible to avoid any copyright issues.

If it's about flying it might be included.

The Knowledge Base will be actively curated to try and keep it relevant and a useable size. Hopefully it will be useful and sometimes interesting too.

A Health Warning!

The Knowledge Base draws articles and information from the widest possible range of sources. Although it is actively curated it is not possible to thoroughly vet everything and content may be found to be out of date, controversial or simply wrong. Inclusion in the Knowledge Base does not imply endorsement by the Cumbria Soaring Club. The Knowledge Base treats the user as an intelligent client and where possible the original sources are referenced to assist assessment of the contents’ value.


Improving the Knowledge Base

We can all learn from each other and it's hoped that pilots of all abilities will submit content. It's not just experts that can help. A beginners take on a flying issue might offer insight that wouldn't occur to a seasoned pilot.

Both good and bad experiences will be valuable.

Alternatively you may come across something good on the internet or have an idea to improve the Knowledge Base. Please share your knowledge.

Contact and feedback

The Knowledge Base will always be 'work in progress' but with good articles and feedback it's more likely to improve. If you'd like to contribute something or have a good idea then please get in touch and share your knowledge.

Start by emailing Geoff: csc.kbase@gmail.com


In summary

Hopefully the accrued knowledge will help us all have better flights, fly more safely and have more fun.

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