Antoine Girard soars to a record 8157m  

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Above Broad Peak in the Himalayas

About this article

Here are links to video, photos and news about Antoine Girard's trip. There's also a spectacular Doarama of his record breaking Broad Peak flight.

Antoine Girard in July 2016 became the first pilot to soar higher than 8000m during an incredible mountain hopping flight up the Baltoro Glacier in the Karakoram region of the Himalayas. Nearly 7 hours long, the flight took him up and over the summit of Broad Peak (8051m). Himalayan paragliding pioneer Brad Sander described it as 'flight of the century'.

This was just part of a 1260km, 18 days, solo vol biv trip through the Himalayas which has earned him a nomination for National Geographic Adventurer of the year 2017.

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XC magazine have a news article on Antoine's Broad Peak flight
Outdoorsportsteam.com have more stories and photos from the trip
Here's his tracklog on a zoomable map at Syride

This video captures the moment he rose above the summit of Broad Peak


A Doarama 3D visualisation of the flight, best viewed full screen.

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Antoine Girard




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