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Cumbria Soaring Club proudly presents the Lakes Charity Classic
The UK's premier free flying event!


The 2016 Lakes Charity Classic will be held on Saturday & Sunday the 16/17 July in Grasmere - based at the Grasmere Sports showground.

An exciting change to the format for this year. We are moving location and dates. By refreshing the original ethos of the LCC, we aim to provide for a gathering of like minded folks, in a way that allows everyone to contribute and be part of our "free flying family".

As well as focusing on the 2 competitions and the coaching sessions, and we also plan to have some informative and entertaining presentations during the weekend.

In addition to the Saturday and Sunday flying activities, the club is planning to run more fun/relaxed flying events on the Friday (15th) and/or the Monday (18th). More details on these will follow in due course, but these will not require any additional donation/cost.

Hopefully, we can all come together at the onsite bar in the evenings in a relaxed atmosphere. (There are no live bands or amplified music at the LCC). Holding the LCC in Grasmere gives the added advantage of a range of shops, bars, restaurants etc. for those that want to venture out and about.

We hope everyone that attends will enjoy these changes and the CSC is looking forwarded to welcoming all competitors and their friends & families to this year’s event.

Latest News

20/06/2016 - A set of CompeGPS Skytrax waypoints has been added to the waypoints page

11/06/2016 - See the waypoints tab for a set of A competition waypoints. These waypoints should be downloaded to your GPS as this will save time on the hill

06/06/2016 - All places are taken. If you do intend to come up for the Friday and Monday, please be aware that, on weekdays, the RAF low flying trade route is up Windermere, through Grasmere and on over Dunmail Raise to Keswick. It's really not advisable to hang round in the middle of the Grasmere valley on Mondays to Fridays! We do get aircraft like the Hercules transport aircraft on low flying runs

What is the Lakes Charity Classic?

The Lakes Charity Classic is an informal paragliding competition held in some of England's most spectacular scenery. If you want to get a flavour of what it's all about then have a look at this Youtube Video - courtesy of Ian Watson

There are 2 competitions

A Competition - This is for more experienced and seasoned pilots holding a minimum of Pilot rating. Any certified wing is permitted; uncertified gliders will not be accepted. Tandems are allowed but with only one named pilot in charge and scoring.

B competition - This is most suitable for less experienced pilots who wish to get the most flying from their day in a spectacularly scenic area. Less demanding, friendly tasks will be set and it is open to pilots with Club Pilot and Pilot ratings flying gliders of ENB/DHV1-2 and below.

We also offer 2 days of coaching as an alternative. If you don't fancy taking part in a competition but fancy some flying in some of the most spectacular scenery in England, then the coaching event gives you a chance to fly with the coaching team from CSC.

The programme starts early on Saturday morning where there will be a briefing before we head off for the flying sites. We aim to get the best out of the day so the tasks will be geared to the conditions. Remember, though, that the Lake District is the wettest place in England. In 2012, we were rained off although we did manage some coastal flying on the Saturday. By contrast, 2011 & 2010 provided memorable conditions with some great XC flying. This is what it looks like on a good day.


The Saturday might be a long day if the conditions are good. On return to the campsite in Grasmere, competitors may get an opportunity for a fly down to the campsite. An evening meal is provided for competitors.

Sunday follows the same format although the day might be shorter.

  1. Your entry donation covers
    • a donation to charity
    • a meal for each participant on the Saturday Night
    • and a contribution to the running costs of the LCC
    • Access to non flying activities
  2. You are not paying to fly, and the entry donation is not refundable
  3. All competitors must have current membership of the BHPA, and show their membership card at registration.
  4. You must be CP rated or above

 No BHPA card, no entry. This rule will be strictly applied

  1. You must carry a suitable correctly fitted EN rated reserve system.
  2. You will need a GPS which generates a 3D tracklog and can download an igc tracklog to GPS Dump. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a GPS capable of this. Your flight can only be scored with an igc tracklog. We have cables for most common types of GPS. If you have a GPS with a special cable, make sure you bring the cable.
  3. It is your personal responsibility to ensure that you are fit to fly and that conditions are not beyond your ability.
  4. All flying must be in accordance with the rules of the air and obey airspace restrictions. In addition the direction of turn for 360-ing may be set by the Task Director and must be obeyed while flying in the vicinity of the take off area.
  5. It is your responsibility to attend the morning briefings at base and briefings which take place on the hill. Please ensure that you understand all the information given out at these briefings. As well as details of the task, the briefings will relate to your conduct on the hill and in the air.
  6. The Task Director will control take-off and landing areas. He will ensure adherence to take off windows, as specified at the task briefing. In addition he may decide not to allow any take-off if, in his opinion, the conditions are unsafe. (The Director’s job is a difficult and thankless one so please accede to his every request with good humour!).
  7. All pilots must wear a suitable helmet, rated to EN 966, at any time they are attached to a glider, including ground handling.
  8. All equipment used must be in an airworthy condition.
  9. It is the duty of every competitor to land and render assistance to any other pilot who appears to be in difficulty on the ground or, if it is deemed unsafe to land, to contact an official or the emergency services at the earliest opportunity.
  10. You must complete each day’s score from your GPS as quickly as possible after the end of the task.
  11. Any dispute or protest must be filed with the Task Director within one hour of the relevant task results being released. The Task Director’s decision is final. Contact details for the Task Director or nominated deputy will be available.
  12. Any competitor flagrantly disobeying any of the above, or who is judged to have flown in a reckless manner endangering other pilots, or who is found to be obviously under the influence of drink or drugs while preparing for flight will be liable to disqualification. Please note that the legal limit for operating an aircraft in the UK is 27 milligrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of urine. By way of comparison the limit for driving in the UK is 107 milligrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of urine.
  13. ALL pilots (not just competitors) landing on the LCC field must land ONLY in the designated landing areas, in a standard manner and as safely as possible. Do not engage in low level swooping over people or marquees.
  14. Above all else, enjoy yourselves!

Briefings. The Task Director will endeavour to provide detailed briefings before each task. Please listen carefully as you will be given important information about the task for the day, local safety information and landing agreements.

Flying the Lakeland Fells. At this time of year strong conditions can be encountered and caution must be exercised when flying in the mountains. The Task Director is an experienced local pilot who knows these fells. It is well worth listening and acting upon all he/she has to say.

Your decision. The decision to fly will always be yours and yours alone. If you are not happy and confident in the prevailing conditions on any day then do not fly just because it is a competition.

Flying in company. If you are not a seasoned competition pilot be sure that you are fully conversant with the rules of the air. It may become crowded over launch and it is your responsibility to fly safely and with consideration for others at all times.

Reserves. To compete in the LCC you must carry a suitably sized reserve system, correctly fitted to your harness, and understand how to use it, it’s limitations and potential dangers. If in doubt seek advice from an experienced packer.

Mobile Phones & Radios. It is mandatory that you carry a mobile phone whilst taking part in the competition. Mobiles can be useful in an emergency situation and will be used at the end of each day to ensure you have landed safely. You are strongly advised to use a radio capable of operating 135 – 179VHF. The Task Director will advise of safety frequencies. Please keep the allocated frequency clear.


LCC 2016 Event Programme & Information

Before you come

  • Make sure you've read the Terms & Conditions - you can find these on the Guidelines tab above
  • Make sure you bring your BHPA card - NO CARD NO FLY. If you have renewed and your card has not arrived, get the BHPA to send an e-mail to the CSC secretary confirming your renewal
  • Check your GPS
    • Make sure your GPS is charged and/or you have spare batteries.
    • Make sure you know how to enter a waypoint
    • Make sure you know how to fly to a waypoint
    • Ensure that all previous tracklogs are removed.
    • Ensure you know how to download your tracklog to GPS Dump
    • Bring the cable for your GPS with you
  • In the event of inclement weather, flying themed ‘entertainment’ will take place. Details to be confirmed.

Details to Follow

Flying Competition & Coaching

  Task Director
A Comp  
B Comp  
Coaching Groups  

Please Note! Timings may change. Please keep checking this web site and check the whiteboard by registration when you arrive for any last minute changes.

Friday 15 July

After 1400

LCC event ground open for arrivals

19:00 Registration opens. Your contact details will be checked together with your BHPA card. No BHPA card - no fly.If you have renewed and your card has not arrived, get the BHPA to send an e-mail to the CSC secretary confirming your renewal.

Check the whiteboard by the registration tent for any last minute changes.

20:00 Pilot Briefing. We would prefer that you attend this briefing but you can turn up later or on the Saturday.
21:30 Registration closes

Saturday 16 July

08:00 - 09:00

Registration. Your contact details will be checked together with your BHPA card. No BHPA card - no fly.If you have renewed and your card has not arrived, get the BHPA to send an e-mail to the CSC secretary confirming your renewal.

Check the whiteboard by the registration tent for any last minute changes.

09:15 General briefing to all competitors. After the general briefing, we will split into separate competition groups for individual group briefings. Be prepared to write down the emergency contact number
10:00 Departure for Flying Sites
Afterwards and On Hill Detailed task briefing. You must sign the "Sign to Fly" sheet.
From around 16:00 Report to the scoring tent and sign in. Get your tracklog downloaded from your GPS
19:00 Final time for signing in. You must sign in at the scoring tent on the field. Tracklogs are not accepted after this time
19:00 Food – A main and sweet course will be available for competitors and people who have booked.
20:00 If any competitors are not logged in by this time, we will invoke the rescue plan. If you don't need to be rescued, then you will be disqualified from the competition and be expected to make a considerable donation to the local mountain rescue team

Sunday 17 July

09:00 General briefing to all competitors. After the general briefing, we may split into separate competition groups for individual group briefings
09:30 (approx) Departure for Flying Sites
On Hill Detailed task briefing. You must sign the "Sign to Fly" sheet.
From around 1600 Report to the scoring tent and sign in. Get your tracklog downloaded from your GPS
17:00 Final time for signing in. You must sign in at the scoring tent on the field. Tracklogs are not accepted after this time
17:30 Results presentation and prize giving

LCC Entry Status

Status A Comp Full - no places left
  B Comp Full - no places left
  Coaching Group Full - no places left

If there are places remaining, you can enter the A competition or the B competition. We will also be running 2 days of coaching for up to 20 participants in 2 groups. For all three events, there is a minimum entry donation which enables us to maximise the amount we can give to charity.

For CSC Members, the donation is a minimum of £35

For Non CSC Members, the donation is a minimum of £45

For non competing friends and family the donation is a minimum of £10 per person

If you think you are a member of CSC, please make sure that you are still a member of CSC before you send off your cheque. If you can't log on to the members only section of the website, then your membership has expired. Another clue? If you haven't received the latest copy of SFC, same thing.

Registration is on-line; you can either pay by bank transfer or by sending a cheque. To register, follow this link and complete the application form. Cheques payable to "Lakes Charity Classic" please. Please note that camping fees will be handled separately and collected onsite at the time of the event (see camping tab for details)

For all events, it's first come, first served! The A competition has a maximum of 45 participants; the B comp a maximum of 35 participants. The coaching sessions are limited to 20 participants. If after booking, it turns that you can't come, there is no right to a refund of your donation. We are collecting for charity!

Competition entry will be closed when the maximum limit has been reached or by 1700 on Monday 11 July, whichever is earlier

Your BHPA membership will be checked at registration. If your BHPA membership expires in July, make sure you get a new card before the BHPA. At the very minimum, make sure you get an e-mail from BHPA confirming your membership has been renewed. If you do not have proof of valid BHPA membership, you cannot partake in the LCC and we will not give a refund. You are strongly recommended to carry your BHPA membership at all times - especially members of the coaching group.

Please follow these simple guidelines to make sure you get a place at the LCC

  • Don't send your application form by recorded or special delivery. This involves a long trip to the sorting office if you do and will delay your entry.
  • We need an emergency contact and a contact number for them
  • If it says mandatory on the registration form, it means you need to enter something useful in the box.

You should get an e-mail acknowledgment shortly after we receive your application. You can keep an eye on the "participants" section of this page and you should see your name appear. If you haven't heard anything within a week of sending off your application then get in touch with the webmaster using the link below.

List of Participants - LCC

A competition

No Surname Forename
A001 Little Chris
A002 Little Jan
A005 Tyson Chris
A006 Postill Harold
A007 Roberts Barry
A008 Oliver Tim
A009 Eastwood Keith
A010 Smith Graham
A011 Bewley Edmund
A012 Archer Andrew
A013 Gravestock Mark
A015 Baillie Simon
A016 Jones Nick
A017 Blake Simon
A018 Fouracre Viv
A019 Gordon Lester
A020 Wilson John
A021 Hover Christopher
A023 Craig Andrew
A024 Williams Peggy
A025 Mcloughlin Kevin
A026 Cove Will
A027 Richards Graham
A028 Somerville Nick
A029 Hasler Andy
A030 Macgillivray Andrew
A035 Walker Dickon
A036 Vacher Simon
A037 Say Kevin
A038 Jones Alasdair
A039 Oliver John
A040 Williams David
A041 Greenwood Chris
A043 Jiggins Paul
A044 Bellezze Paolo
A045 Rollings Neil
A046 Meek Richard
A048 Garner Thomas
A049 Myles Kieran
A050 Dearman Michael
A053 Scrivener David
A054 Mason Mike
A055 Latham Owen
A056 Keayes Ben
A057 Robertson Iain
A059 Stenhouse Gary
A060 Foster Chris
A061 Martinez Iturbe Luis
A062 Scott William
A063 Maltby Andrew

Number of participants in A competition : 50

B competition

No Surname Forename
B002 Hutchinson Ian
B004 Jonathan Butler
B005 White Peter
B006 Cunningham Pete
B007 Hamlett John
B008 Ross Andrew
B009 Coulthard Gordon
B010 Stephenson Graeme
B011 Eadington Tony
B012 Farbridge John Lewis
B013 Crowther David
B014 May Steven
B015 Barter Darren
B016 Hey Gerald
B018 Downie Phil
B019 Chris Webb
B020 Warren Nick
B021 Freeman Karen
B022 Smith Andy
B024 Pollington Glyn
B025 Morrison Mark
B027 Metcalf John
B028 Baxter Martin
B029 Jones Xiaoting Hou
B030 Canning Matt
B032 Easthope Rob
B033 Campion-smith Charles
B034 Smith David
B035 Clothier Oliver
B036 Lister-kaye Warwick
B038 Trussler Dennis
B039 Stockton Glenn
B040 James Antony
B041 Johnson Ben
B043 Webb Martin

Number of participants in B competition : 35


No Surname Forename
C001 Ashall Steve
C002 Holland Noel
C004 Foster Harvey
C005 Mitchell Rowan
C006 Weare Ed
C008 Short Nicholas
C009 Pearson Christopher
C010 Laundy Simon
C011 Dale Phil
C012 Drabble Chris
C013 Brampton-greene David
C014 Sams Nick
C015 Ross David
C016 Yates Stephen
C017 Gerhards Martin
C018 Ellison James
C019 Goulden Sharon
C020 Graham Aidan
C021 Edmonds Joseph
C022 Wrobel Peter

Number of participants for Coaching : 20


To save time, we recommend that you download these waypoints to your GPS before coming to the LCC. This will avoid having to type in the waypoints on the hill. To download the file to your PC, select the appropriate format for your GPS, right click on the icon and then use "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" (or similar)

SeeYou .CUP format file1
GPS Exchange Format (.gpx) file1
Waypoint .WPT file file2
Google Earth kml file ge
CompeGPS SkyTrax file1

The 2015 Lakes Charity Classic will be held at a different location to previous years. The site is the Grasmere Sports showground to the west of the A591 and to the east of Grasmere village.


From the South (M6)

Leave the M6 at junction 36 following the signs for Barrow, Kendal A590 (A591). Take the first junction on the left at the roundabout. Now stay on the dual carriage way ignoring all exits until you come to the Plumgarths roundabout north west of Kendal. Then carry straight on at the roundabout following the A591 for Windermere and Ambleside. Keep on this road through Windermere and Ambleside. In Ambleside follow the signs for A591 Keswick. Speeds start to slow down as you approach Ambleside! The approach to Greasmere is marked by a sharp right hand bend, a lake (Grasmere) on the left hand side and the Daffodil Hotel and Spa on your left. Carry on to the small roundabout just after the hotel; turn right at this roundabout.

From the North (M6)

Leave the M6 and junction 40 following the signs for Penrith, Keswick, Brough A66. At the roundabout take the right hand exit - A66 Workington, Keswick. Stay on the A66 to Keswick for around 12 miles and then turn left on the B5322 Thirlmere. Follow this road for 4 miles until you reach a junction with the A591 Keswick/Ambleside road. Turn left and drive south for about 7 miles. This road will take you alongside Thirlmere, over Dunmail Raise and then down into the Grasmere valley. Ignore the first turning on the right and carry on until you see a mini roundabout. Turn right at this roundabout.

From Mini Roundabout


There is a camping area and a camper van/caravan area. You will be directed to the right area on arrival. There are facilities on the showground - free showers, toilets and water.

The Grasmere sportsground web site can be found at


Camping is on the Grasmere Sports ground. In order to camp at the event you either need to be a competitor or have paid the non competing person fee (£10 per person for the whole weekend). The additional fees are £10 per person per night. There is a dedicated area for tents and a separate area for caravans/camper vans. There are free showers on the sports ground.

Ts and Cs

Before you consider applying, please read the following terms and conditions. We have tried to keep these to a minimum; the Ts and Cs are to increase safety and ensure everyone enjoys the event.


All attendance is conditional as follows:


The organisers will not be held liable for any loss, injury or damage sustained at the event, including damage,
theft or loss to property or motor vehicles, even if the cause is due to the negligence of a ticket holder, the
organisers or the actions of other third parties.


  • There will be CHILDREN on the site. Guardians: be aware of their whereabouts and safety at all times.
    Drivers & Pilots: please be especially aware!
  • QUADCOPTERS. Please do not bring your quadcopter or drone to the event. All quadcopters/drones must have a permit to fly and these will only be provided for professional photographers filming the event

  • ALL PILOTS (not just competitors): no low flying or swooping over people.
  • Vehicle SPEED LIMIT: 5 mph in all areas.
  • Obey all LCC signs & instructions from event marshals.
  • No music or noisy behaviour after 10pm.
  • No open fires or BBQ’s allowed anywhere in the sports ground..
  • Whilst a skip is provided for rubbish, we woulkd ask you to take your litter & rubbish with you when you leave.
  • Do not climb or damage trees, fences or walls.
  • The organisers reserve the right to require anyone to leave the venue without explanation or refund.
  • Please bring to the attention of the organisers any spilt fuel or oil ASAP.
  • In accordance with UK law, smoking is not permitted in any enclosed area.

For Information on Previous Events - Click on the link

2015 Buttermere 29/30 May 2015
2014 Buttermere 30/31 May 2014
2013 Buttermere 31 May/1 June 2013
2012 Buttermere 8/9 June 2012
2011 Buttermere 3/4 June 2011
2010 Buttermere 4/5 June 2010
2009 Buttermere 5/6 June 2009
2008 Buttermere 6/7 June 2008
2007 Buttermere 1/2 June 2008