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Malcolm Grout over Blencathra - photo Jane Hannah

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Start by emailing Geoff - csc.kbase@gmail.com

It could be anything good that you find online or something you've created. Information about Cumbrian flying should be popular.

There's very little information online about flying XC through the Cumbrian hills. If you enjoy XC flights then you could help address this.

We can help each other by sharing knowledge of our flights. Armed with more knowledge, we might fly with greater safety margins and have better flights.

Flight reports

You don't have to be a gnarled XC hound to learn something on a flight. If you have any flight (XC, soaring or fly down) where you learnt something, then consider sharing it and let other pilots benefit from your experience.

What were the conditions like? What decisions did you make and why? What did you get right and wrong? Where did you go up and down? What were your Plan Bs? Did anything surprise or scare you? If someone else made your flight, then what would you want to learn from them?

An accompanying tracklog and some photos would be ideal.

A dry account of where you flew, without any context or analysis, is unlikely to be so helpful.

A plea

Local paraglider pilot Chris Little already flies very well. (in 2014 Chris flew a 96.7km turnpoint flight from Blease Fell to Acomb).

Chris might speak for many pilots when he aims this message at Lakeland veterans...

"I do practice the theory and some of it works - but I think decision making is the key and that comes from experience, but also from gaining knowledge you guys can pass on.

High above Blencathra
Looking south from high above Blencathra

So any technical tips to XC flying really help, combined with advice on sites to fly; in what wind direction and weather conditions to get the most out of the day. I've also noticed recently new sites being used to get bigger XCs. It'd be good to get an insight into flying these and why?

Only being a weekend warrior kind of limits what you can do and we are all looking for the short cuts to become skygods too.

Flying above the hills of the Lakes is a truly amazing thing and we are really privileged to be able do so,

...also, sharing the experience is a great part of the sport".

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