Northern Challenge Trophy (NCT)


The NCT comprises 14 main standing, set tasks plus 4 subsidiary Hike and Fly challenges that span the whole season from  1st  March – 30th September. The Cumbria Cup still exists, but is subsumed into the NCT for tasking and scoring purposes. The tasks cover the whole Northern Club regions, although primarily based around the Lakes, Dales and Pennine areas, centred on large and popular sites with few access or airspace issues. This is a new format designed to counter the unpredictable UK weather by allowing maximum flexibility and pilot convenience.

The tasks have been designed to be accessible for most levels of pilot, and are based on increasing the difficulty level as one progresses. None are open XC (to include CP rated pilots) and are designed around pushing the limits of a site, keeping pilots within a safety zone and allowing multiple attempts.

By popular demand all the clubs grids have been retained and two Hike and Fly tasks included. The H &F is scored as a separate event to the main tasks with additional rules and safeguards.

The full details of the structure, aims, rules, format, scoring, task and information downloads etc., can be found at:


An essential element for hosting all the tasks is XCMAP developed by Chris Foster. If you would like to use xcmap to set tasks for your club please email chris@xcmap.net and he will tell you how to do it, it's easy and free.

XCMAP provides task mapping, downloads, igc uploads and an integral scoring system and tables.

Although set up as a competition, for those not of a competitive bent, the tasks can be regarded as challenges and useful pilot development, whether individually or as part of coaching activities.