CSC Constitution

This is the constitution of the Cumbria Soaring Club.


Article 1 Name
  The name of the Club shall be the "Cumbria Soaring Club".
Article 2 Function
  The Club will be the representative body for the hang gliding and paragliding activities undertaken by members of the Club.
Article 3 Aims and Objectives
  The aims and objectives of the Club are as follows: -
  • To promote participation and support free flying in Cumbria.
  • To ensure support for the objectives and safety standards of the BHPA.
  • To provide a supportive flying and social environment for members.
  • To develop and maintain flying sites.
  • To provide assistance and information to visiting pilots, newcomers to the sport, and other interested parties.
  • To promote a positive image of the sport and the Club and to encourage members and visitors to have due regard for the environment.
Article 4 Membership
Section 1 There shall be three classes of membership, defined as:
  • Full member
  • Honorary member
  • Training member

In addition, non-members and former members may be recognised by the club and be defined as

  • Friend of CSC

A Friend of CSC is not a member of the club.

Section 2
  • All Full, Honorary and Training members must be members of the BHPA.
  • Admission to Full and Honorary membership shall be limited to those with minimum rating of CP (hang gliding), CP (paragliding) and above.
  • Admission as a Training Member will be available to those who are signed up to train with a BHPA registered school, who agree to respect the Club’s rules, regulations and sovereignty and who wish to use the Club sites for training purposes.
  • Training members should be working towards CP. Training membership shall last for a maximum of 36 months unless converted to full membership by the gaining of CP rating
  • No person under the age of eighteen years shall be a member of The Club unless his/her parent or guardian shall have signed a consent certificate approving his/her application for membership and accepting all legal responsibility for the member.
  • Appointment as an Honorary Member may be granted to any person for exceptional service to the Club in the absolute discretion of the Committee.
  • Members being awarded Honorary membership will be exempt from paying a membership fee. The appointments will be for life, but those persons will still be subject to the provisions of Article 19
  • Any Honorary Member who ceases to be a member of the BHPA cease to be a member of the club and may be recognised as a Friend of CSC.
  • The club secretary will keep a list of Honorary members and Friends of CSC.
  • The Committee may refuse to admit any person as a member if there is a genuinely held belief that the person in question may bring the club or sport into disrepute.
Section 3 There shall be no discrimination between individual members in each class of membership.
Section 4 Membership will be open to all persons (subject to the provisions of Section 2) who wish to abide by the objectives of the club regardless of: gender; marital or civil partnership status; religious belief or political opinion; race; disability; sexual orientation or age
Article 5 Rights of Members
  All Members shall:
  • Receive a copy of the Club Newsletter by e-mail
  • Have electronic access to the Club Site Guide and any additional rules or codes of conduct as made available by the Committee.
  • Be able to inspect the minutes of any meeting except those deemed confidential.
  • Inspect the Club accounts on a reasonable notice.
  • Have electronic access to the Club Constitution.

All Members shall:

  • Have the right to vote (by showing of hands) when present at a AGM or EGM
Article 6 Responsibility of Members
  • Members should act in a manner that is not prejudicial to the aims and objectives of the Club.
  • Members may not use the name of the Club to obtain or attempt to obtain, monies, property, material goods, site access or landing approval except when acting on the direct authority of the Club Committee.
  • Members should abide by any Pilot Code adopted by the club and all site rules (including temporary rules) detailed on the club's site guide
  • It is the duty of all members to make themselves aware of flying regulations (and all alterations additions and amendments thereto), and all site rules. In addition it is the responsibility of members to acquaint any visitors introduced by them with the site rules, regulations, byelaws, notices and insurance requirements.
  • CSC Members should treat fellow pilots, landowners and members of the public with respect and consideration at all times. Bullying or harassment in any form will not be tolerated and will result in action being taken under Article 19.
Article 7 Membership of the BHPA and other Organisations
  • The Club shall be registered with the BHPA under the heading of "a Member Club".
  • The Club may register with any other National or International body that shares a common interest or purpose with the Club
Article 8 Affiliation
Article 9 Officers
  • The Officers of the Club must be members.
  • Officers shall be elected annually at the AGM
  • The minimum number of Officers shall consist of: -
    • Chair
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Safety Officer
    • Sites Officer
  • Other Officers may be elected or co-opted as necessary, but up to a maximum of thirteen.
  • In the event of any officer retiring from office before an AGM, the Committee shall, in their absolute discretion, appoint a temporary Office Holder until the following AGM.
  • The specific duties of co-opted Officers to be defined by the Committee.
  • The elected and co-opted Officers together will be known as the Committee.
Article 10 Executive Committee
Section 1
  • The Committee shall be responsible for the administration of the Club.
  • The Committee shall meet at least four times per year and on such other occasions, as it shall determine.
  • The Committee may appoint sub-committees as is deemed necessary and may determine the terms of reference, duration and composition of such committees.
  • The quorum for the Committee shall be one of the following
    • Chair
    • or Secretary
    • or Treasurer

    plus four other officers

  • Committee meetings can be called by any officer of the Committee.
  • Any current members may attend such meetings but may not vote nor address the meeting unless invited to do so.
  • The Club Chair shall, where possible, preside at all meetings.
  • In the absence of the Chair, the Club Secretary, Treasurer or other officer of the committee as agreed by those present shall chair the meeting.
  • Decisions shall be reached by a simple majority vote with the Chair of the meeting having a casting vote in the event of a tie.
  • The Chair may, if the need arise, declare all or part of a meeting in closed session.
  • The Club Secretary shall keep a proper written record of all the proceedings of the meetings.
  • Officers of the Committee will be exempt from paying a membership fee for each year that they sit on the Committee.
  • Officers of the Committee will be reimbursed from Club funds for any ‘reasonable expenses’ incurred during the pursuit of their duties.
Section 2
  • Any person nominated as a member of the Committee must declare any commercial interest in hang gliding or paragliding and, where this could be prejudicial to the Club interests, may be required to withdraw from proceedings.
  • The above should be recorded in the minutes of the proceedings.
Section 3
  • The Committee shall be dissolved at each Annual General Meeting, or by two thirds of the Club Members voting at an Extraordinary General Meeting.
  • Retiring officers shall be able to stand for re-election.
Article 11 Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • The AGM will be held in the last two months of the calendar year as determined by the Committee.
  • Notice of the AGM will be given at least 14 days in advance of the meeting by announcement on the club website and by e-mail.
  • Club Officers will be elected at the AGM.
Article 12 Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)
  • An EGM may be called by the Committee, by 5 members or ten percent of the total membership; whichever is the greater.
  • Requests for an EGM must be made in writing to the Club Secretary, stating the object of the meeting.
  • The Club Secretary will call the meeting within 28 days of receiving the request.
  • The Club Secretary will notify members accordingly at least 7 days in advance by announcement on the club website and by e-mail.
Article 13 Voting at Club Meetings
  Only Members shall have the right to vote. Voting shall be by individual members present at the meeting in question and shall be by show of hands.
Article 14 Club Year and Audit
  • The financial year shall run from the 1st November to the 31st October.
  • The Club will keep books of the financial accounts.
  • A financial report, or statement of income and expenditure, for the financial year will be presented at the AGM.
  • The books and bank statements will be kept available for inspection at the AGM.
Article 15 Funds
  All surplus income or profits are to be reinvested in the club and used toward the furtherance of the objectives of the Club. No surpluses or assets will be distributed to members or third parties, except charitable donations and in the case of Article 16.
Article 16 Dissolution
Section 1 The dissolution of the Club may be decided at an AGM or EGM meeting on a vote of two thirds of members present at the meeting provided that sixty days written notice of a motion to dissolve the Club has been circulated to all members by announcement on the club website and by e-mail.
Section 2 Upon dissolution of the club any remaining assets shall be given or transferred to a registered charity (such as Flyability) or to the BHPA for use by them in related community sports, as voted at the dissolution meeting.
Article 17 Subscriptions
  • All members will pay subscriptions and fees as determined at the AGM
  • The annual subscription will commence from the date of membership; acceptance will be for one full year.
  • For late renewals, membership will be effective from the end of the previous membership period.
  • A membership lapse of one month or more will incur an additional rejoining fee, which has been agreed at the previous AGM.
Article 18 Registration/Log Book/Rating Documents
  Each member shall hold such documents as requested by the governing association of hang gliding and paragliding and/or the Committee of the Club.
Article 19 Misconduct and Expulsion of Members
  • Any member expelled by the National Association of Hang Gliding and Paragliding (BHPA) will automatically lose membership of the Club.
  • Any member acting in a manner detrimental to the sport, and contrary to the objectives of the Club, or in breach of any of the articles of the club can to be expelled in the absolute discretion of the Committee after conducting an investigation into the issues complained of.
Article 20 Alterations to the Club Constitution
  • The Club Constitution may not be altered except on a resolution passed by a majority of not less than two thirds of members voting at the AGM or a meeting called for that purpose.
  • Any resolution for amendments to the Club Constitution shall be forwarded to the Club Secretary at least 30 days in advance of any AGM or EGM called to consider them.
Article 21 Awards/Trophies
  • Club Awards and/or Trophies will only be presented to members of the Club.
  • Any decisions regarding the eligibility of a member to receive an award or trophy will be decided by the Committee.
Article 22 Notices
  • The accidental omission to give notice of a meeting to or the non-receipt of the notice of a meeting by any member shall not invalidate any proceedings or resolutions at any meeting of The Club or Committee.
  • The method of notice of any meeting, resolution or other club business will be by publication on the club’s website and by e-mail.
  • Club members should ensure that their personal details are up to date either by self-managing details on the club website or by contact with the club secretary.