Data Protection Policy

Data Protection - Terms & Conditions

The membership system for Cumbria Soaring Club is electronically based and does not use paper records. As such, we store personal details on a secure IT system.

  1. In terms of data protection law, Cumbria Soaring Club is the data controller. Data is stored in a secure database on the web site which is hosted by a third party commercial web hosting service. Personal data can only be accessed by administrators with the correct access privilege and using their username and password.
  2. We use personal data solely for the purposes of managing our members and informing them about Cumbria Soaring Club activities. We also use the data to inform members about any other important paragliding/hang gliding activity, e.g. safety recalls. We use e-mail for all communications although we may use mail under rare circumstances.
  3. We are obliged to send member's names, BHPA numbers and postcodes to the BHPA at regular intervals to ensure that our members have valid BHPA membership. This is a mandatory condition for clubs that are affiliated to the BHPA.
  4. We do not exchange members personal data with any other person or organisation.
  5. We hold the following information about our members in our database
  6. Members can access all of the information that we hold on them through the members only section of the web site.
  7. Members can ask us to delete their records at any time. If they are a member of Cumbria Soaring Club, we will have to cancel their membership as our membership system is electronically based.
  8. Normally when membership lapses, we retain a member's records on our system. We frequently find that members rejoin after a break from flying. If the member wishes for us to delete their records when their membership lapses, they should inform us.
  9. We use cookies on the web site solely during the membership application process and when a member logs on to the members only section. Cookies are destroyed when a member logs out of the members only section of the web site