CSC Forum

Please Note - The members only area of this web site and the CSC Forum web site are completely separate pieces of software, each with their own access system. When you join CSC you will be given access information for the members only area but you have to join the forum as a separate operation. You will need to remember both sets of access information.

We accept applications for the forum from non CSC members but we do ask you to indicate your connection with free flight when you apply.

The CSC forum can be found here and is open to all pilots. If you're a CSC member you will have to register with the forum under a new username/password - your CSC member details will not give you access here. Once you arrive at the the board page, click the REGISTER link. You will need to agree to the conditions of use, select a username and password and then key in a security number (CAPTCHA). The board will then send the registration details to the board administrators. They will then allow you access to the forum. We've had to do this as some dodgy characters have joined the forum in the past.

Please use the forum responsibly. It's an excellent mechanism for communication between members. Unacceptable use will not be tolerated. Any offending post will be removed and a warning message will be issued. After that you will be barred.

The forum can be used to post pictures but it is a bit clumsy if you have a lot of photos. In this case, it's best to post your pictures on a photo site like Google Picasa and put a hyperlink on your forum posting. If you do post pictures on the forum, remember to load them in reverse order - its a little feature of the hosting software!

The webmaster welcomes any comments for improvement of the forum.