Wastwater Screes

Status : OK
IMPORTANT - Restrictions on use None as such, but bottom landing field permission must be sought before flying.
Last Updated : Not recorded
Wind : WNW - NNW    
Nil Wind : No    
Grid Ref : NY135025 Height (AMSL) : 1267' / 386m
Site Code : none Top to Bottom : 1070' / 326m


W Lakes - W of Scafell


With the right forecast it is still a gamble to travel to this side of the lakes and have the right conditions to fly on the Screes. This is probably why it is so infrequently flown; usually by the few locals over here.
Despite the chance of disappointment, the views over the green pastures and Wastwater makes this the most remarkable site to fly. Experienced pilots may jump the gap onto Scafell and back, but be careful of unexpected sink or rotor from the crags that lead all the way up to the summit. The Screes face NW, but be aware that on a sunny summer's day the sea breeze can turn the wind into a westerly and blow up the valley. NNW can oppose the influence and produce a convergence line marked by a continuous cloud. If taking off from the lower take-offs, allow for localised compression at any point along the Screes ridge - keep forward and progress slowly if unsure.

Beware of rotor from Greathall Ghyll, especially if the wind is off the hill.
Certainly a site everyone must visit a few times in their flying career.

Site Officer

David Ashcroft : 07752 750869

Postcode for Sat Nav Systems (read the Health Warning!)

CA20 1ET - This is the closest mail delivery point to the flying site and is positioned at:

The church in Nether Wasdale. This is 500m NW of Forest Bridge where you should park.

Getting There

Through Nether Wasdale (from Gosforth), turn right, then immediately left over bridge, and up farm lane to Easthwaite Farm (to ask for permission). If you ask the farmer you may be allowed to park at the farm, and then walk up. Otherwise, return to park at Forest Bridge (just south east of Nether Wasdale). Park in a layby beneath Irton Pike (beware of thieves operating!).

Getting to takeoff

From Easthwaite Farm, take the track up the fell towards Eskdale. The walk is a long, hard slog.From the parking area, cross the River Irt and pass through the small gate onto the bridle path leading over a lovely big field and up through a forest to the foot of the fell (marshy). The take off is anywhere to the LHS of the bridle path when you reach the top, 1.8km or more East of Irton. Again, the walk is strenuous! The forestry road at the rear of the hill can be driven to 300M from take off but the gate is often locked and obtaining it rquires inside knowledge!. Driving up is really the only option for HG pilots.

Permission to use site

Need to contact the farmer, at Eastwaite Farm, Wasdale,before flying on the Screes and for obtaining a landing field.

Additional Safety Notes

In moderate winds the areas towards Scafell can become dangerous. Additionally, the winds can be tricky in front of Crinkle Crags. This area is very magnetic, so keep out of the clouds. In strong conditions there is some rotor at take-off from Latterbarrow. If you get to Scafell be careful of gullies etc as there are lots of rotor areas. Make sure that you stay well out at the front. If landing near Wasdale Head Inn, wind can either be coming up the lake, or down Mosedale! See references to strong conditions. The cliff edge above the top of the Screes is prone to violent rotor! Due to the the strong compression PG's should stay well forward if conditions are strong.


If the wind at take off is high/moderate, then don't fly. If the wind is moderate then there should be no problem. It is recommended that you always keep some speed in reserve for higher up or flying above the Screes. If the wind is too light to take off, then follow the path east to a huge grassy bowl before you get to the Screes. You can fly right up the valley, across the Burnmoor gap, and onto Scafell/Lingmell - and back again. Be careful at the head of the valley - winds will come down Mosedale and it is easy to enter severe rotor. Easy take-off and flying in smooth conditions but it can be quite radical in thermic conditions.

Hang Gliding

For hang glider pilots it is possible to arrange access through the forestry to arrive at an area in the forest behind take off leaving a relatively straightforward 20 min. carry. The notes for paragliders generally apply.Excellent with good potential. Consider bottom landing areas before flying ... especially if going north and you get low. No official bottom landing field.

XC potential

For the experienced pilot, the XC potential is excellent either starting from the gentler slopes or(better) from the top of the screes themselves (Ill Gill Head). It is a natural decision to jump across to Scafell and then back onto Crinkle Crags, across Wrynose Pass and onto the back of Coniston Old Man. Alternatively, on a thermic day, you can travel directly to Coniston Old Man from the top of the Screes (Ill Gill Head) via Harter Fell and over the Duddon Valley.

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Local Information - Pubs/Food etc

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Open Distance XC  
Distance : 64.9km
Date : 13/08/1994
Pilot : Mike Cavanagh
Notes : Landing at Twistleton Scars nr Ingleton
Hang Gliding

No hang gliding records available for this site

Data Resources

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Google Earth Google Earth - Car Park
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Wastwater Screes Map


Wastwater Screes Map