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Jenkin Hill

Status : Amber
Status Message :

During the Covid19 period:
- Ensure you follow any current BHPA/Government guidelines (including refraining from flying if requested).
- Please be sensitive to local concerns: park with consideration, respect requests of locals and avoid confrontation.
- Fly with greater safety margins than normal.
- If you do get involved in any dispute please inform the Site Officer as soon as possible.

Only use the designated landing field DO NOT LAND IN ANY OTHER FIELDS

IMPORTANT - Restrictions on use Ensure that the correct landing field is used - take care during lambing time. If in doubt the Northern Sites Officer (07966153668). No dogs onto the site or fellsides.
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Wind : SSE - SW    
Nil Wind : Yes    
Grid Ref : NY279264 Height (AMSL) : 2160' / 659m
Site Code : 17.072 Top to Bottom : 1165' / 355m


N Lakes - Skiddaw


A brilliant site, big and generally smooth, giving spectacular flying over a large area of mountains and lakes. Best in light winds. PG take off should be above the heather line on the grass. No scratching of the slope below the heather line. Excellent top landing and bottom landing at L1. Landing in the emergency fields at the foot of the hill needs thought. The take-off area of Skiddaw is at 2800' / 854m asl and gives a top to bottom height of 2460' / 750m if landing at the Latrigg landing area.

Site Officer

Rick Livingstone : 07761187016

Postcode for Sat Nav Systems (read the Health Warning!)

CA12 4PH - This is the closest mail delivery point to the flying site and is positioned at:

Underscar Manor (Underscar hotel on map). The postcode centre is on the access road to the car park about 1km to the west.

Getting There

Approach via a minor road which branches off from the large roundabout at the junction of the A66(T) and the A591 north of Keswick. After 800m a very sharp right turn winds up to the Latrigg "Monument" car park. Please park as tight as possible as this is a relatively small but very popular car parking area. Do not park on the fell side of the gate at the end of the car park - there is no permission from the current owners. You can drive through to drop gear off but do not leave your car here.

Getting to takeoff

Take the small gate at the south west end of the Monument car park area and head north following the track past the Monument and onto the slopes of Jenkin Hill.

Permission to use site

Mirehouse, Applethwaite, and Ormathwaite Hall. Contact Northern Sites Officer prior to flying for an update on T.O. or landing restrictions.


Be aware of any wind gradient and keep well forward in strong conditions.

This is a south facing massif with large areas of scree/rock which can create booming thermals in the right conditions - be ready!

Beware of a light wind at take off then being difficult to penetrate at 3000' / 915m.

Can be affected quite early by a sea breeze that then makes conditions very rough - especially in the gulleys.

This would come from the West/WNW along Bassenthwaite Lake and can make the site unusable

Bottom landing in any fields below or near to Latrigg is NOT permitted.

There are many of military aircraft in this area during the week. The site should be notamed.

The area out in the valley, to the west, towards Bassenthwaite Lake is an Osprey nesting area and care must be taken April-August.

Take Off

PG pilots must make the longer carry up to near the summit slopes of Jenkin Hill.

Hangliders can take off just by the gate approx. half way up to Jenkin.

Landing Areas

OK to slope land on Jenkin Hill - beware of other wings taking off on busy days.

Landing Field is the field to the LEFT of the path to Jenkin as you leave the car park.

It is a big field which we have permission to use even when it has stock in it - although keep well away from any sheep with lambs.]

The field slopes downwards increasingly at its western end.

Be wary of the wind direction not being the same as on the hill you have just flown - Although the site takes a southerly wind, the wind in the landing field may well flow from East or west through the small "valley" between Latrigg and Skiddaw.

A windsock is useful here.


Hangliders - Can be quite a carry but well worth it. The HG take-off is just beyond the fell gate (1850' / 564m asl). An easy site to fly.

Avoid ground skimming due to ground nesting birds.

XC potential

Excellent potential both downwind and, in the right conditions, for achieving large triangle flights. Keep well forward of windy gap if flying east towards Blencathra.


Click on the photo for a full size image.

An aerial view of Jenkin Fell with Skiddaw behind looking NW. The take off area is in the centre right of the photo, above the bracken line and bounded by the main track up Skiddaw. Photo reproduced with the permission of the copyright owner, Andrew McMahon. More pictures can be found on his web site.
Jenkin Hill from the path up Skiddaw. The path up is steep and can be clearly seen. PG take off is generally anywhere above the heather band to the left of the track.
Looking down to the landing area from the gate on the fellside. The bracken area closer to the car park slopes and should be avoided.


Local Information - Pubs/Food etc

Nearest pubs to the site - for post flying debriefing only! You may find details of other facilities here

No pub details are available for this site. Send your recommendations to the webmaster.


This page shows records for this site. Some of the older records are not very detailed. More recent records may have an igc file available You can right click and download this to your PC. You can then use IGC Flight replay to view the flight.

FAI Triangle  
Distance : 26.7km
Date : 04/09/2011
Pilot : Chris Little
Notes :
IGC File : Right click to download
Open Distance XC  
Distance : 90.0km
Date : 01/05/1994
Pilot : Nigel Page
Hang Gliding
Open Distance XC  
Distance : 91.7km
Max Height : 5400ft
Date : Unknown
Pilot : Unknown

Data Resources

Follow the links to see the site in Google Earth and Google Street view. To access the former, you will need to have Google Earth installed on your PC. You can also upload your flights to GE - use GPS Dump (Links Page) to convert a variety of GPS file formats to a GE kml file.

Link Resource Type Notes
Google Earth Google Earth - Car Park
Google Earth Google Earth - Landing
Google Earth Google Earth - Take Off
Street View Google Street View - Parking An unusual picture of the car park at the foot of Jenkin Hill - it's normally much more busy than this. Pan to the left for a good view of the hill.

Jenkin Hill Map


Jenkin Hill Map