ILAFFT (I Learned About Flying From That)

This is the safety page on the CSC Web site. The first document is the BHPA Incident Record Form. Please, if you have an incident however minor, fill in the form and send it to the Club Safety Officer. By showing that safety incidents don't have to involve a fatality, we can convince our insurance company that free flying is like most other sports. Secondly, by sharing your experience, other pilots might not make the same mistake.

Accidents rarely happen by chance. Most accidents because a chain of events come together - most of the time we get away with it; sometimes we don't. Accident reports are published on this page in the hope that better understanding will lead to less accidents. AAIB reports are copyright Air Accidents Investigation Branch. BHPA reports are copyright British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

If you want to get in touch with the Club Safety Officer please use this form

www BHPA Incident Reporting Incident reporting to the BHPA is now on line; follow this link to report an incident. Please report an incident you have witnessed or been involved in if it:
  • Involves injury, whether to participants or others
  • Involves damage to property, third party or not
  • May give rise to an insurance or legal claim
  • Involves non-standard equipment or techniques
  • Involves failed or malfunctioned equipment
  • Highlights safety points or was unusual
  • Is something you feel the sport may learn from


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Link Issue Notes
pdf Safety Bulletin Number 8 Reserve Deployment, Speed Flying and Boots
pdf Safety Bulletin Number 7 A Tailbridge Incident, Drones, Boots, Preflight checks and DIY repairs
pdf Safety Bulletin Number 6 More Incidents, first aid kits and Satellite Emergency Beacons
pdf Safety Bulletin Number 5 Incident Analysis
pdf Safety Bulletin Number 4 All about pods!
pdf Safety Bulletin Number 3 Glider Choice
pdf Safety Bulletin Number 2 Subjects covered are:

Club safety structure, notes on the discussion at Newby Bridge.
Anatomy of an Accident: Rick Livingstone bares all, not as lewd as it sounds!
What to do in an emergency - DON'T PANIC - and much more.
pdf First Safety Bulletin from the new CSC Safety Panel Thoughts from the new safety officer and a guide to the incident reporting system
pdf RAF Air Clues magazine - Spring 2015 The RAF do care about us and the article on page 18 in this edition is worth a read. The "I learnt about flying from that" on page 10 is a good dissection of a close shave - something which we in the paragliding community don't do enough of
pdf Airprox report - Harting Down Airprox report into a close encounter between a paraglider and a light aircraft