Lakes Charity Classic - 2023

Location - Grasmere

Dates - 16, 17 and 18 June 2023

In 2023, the Lakes Charity Classic was held at the Grasmere Sports Showground in the centre of the Lake District. The event was held on Friday 16 June to Sunday 18 June.

The 2023 Lakes Charity Classic

The Cumbria Soaring Club’s Lakes Charity Classic (LCC) competition in June was another triumph with early bird pilots enjoying great conditions in lead up. Podium results :

  • A comp - 1st Jacob Aubrey, 2nd Tom Hodgkin, 3rd Ed Cleasby
  • B comp - 1st Elliott Brown, 2nd Gareth, Jarvis, 3rd Adam Milward
  • X-Lakes H&F Hardcore - 1st John Westall, 2nd Dave Ashcroft, 3rd Greg Chilton
  • X-Lakes H&F Academy - 1st Jack Sewell, 2nd Tom Shuttleworth, 3rd Danny Murphy

In addition to stellar organisation and stunning mountain flying, at the heart of the LCC is its fund raising mission for diverse causes. This year £8000 was donated to 18 organisations to support their mountain rescue, environmental or health related work across the county.

Finally, a massive shout out to Pete Askew who has directed the LCC for a decade and has stepped down.


Beneficiaries of the 2023 Lakes Charity Classic were

NW Air Ambulance £1,000.00
Great North Air Ambulance £1,000.00
Langdale Mountain Rescue £500.00
Cumbria Mine Rescue £500.00
Grasmere Reading Rooms £250.00
Mind £500.00
Coniston Mountain Rescue £500.00
Calvert Trust £500.00
Duddon & Furness Mountain Rescue £500.00
Lakes School Crohns and Collitis Fund £250.00
Blackwell Sailing £500.00
Headspace Cumbria £1,000.00
Special Donations by Ozone in recognition of and nominated by the two pilots who travelled to the LCC in the most sustainable way
Grasmere Red Squirrel Group £250.00
Fix the Fells £250.00

LCC A Comp 2023

2022-06-17 to 2022-06-19, no FAI sanctioning

A Comp Sunday

18 June 2023 A Comp Sunday

Task T1 (Open) Sun 18-Jun-23

TO0.0 kmB57LT010 - Heron Pike
1Exit1.000 kmSS1.0 kmB57LT010 - Heron Pike
2Entry1.800 km2.1 kmB48LW001 - LW001
3Entry0.400 km4.8 kmB47LW002 - LW002
4Entry5.500 km7.9 kmB55LT012 - Wrynose
5Entry1.000 km9.8 kmB46LW003 - LW003
6Entry1.000 kmES10.2 kmB67BS001 - Grasmere LZ
GOALEntry0.400 km10.8 kmB67BS001 - Grasmere LZ


RankIDNameNationGliderSponsorStartFinishTimeSpeedDistanceSpd PDst PScore
10027Jacob AubreyGBRPhoton12:12:5512:31:2500:18:3029.7810.78243.8197.0441
20111Tom HodgkinGBROXA3 Crickhowell Paragliding11:59:5512:28:2000:28:2519.3910.78155.0197.0352
30666Ed CleasbyGBRFusion 211:57:1312:29:4600:32:3316.9310.78125.1197.0322
42335Jonathan GreenwoodGBRSwift 511:55:5112:29:5100:34:0016.2110.78115.0197.0312
50008Chris LittleGBRDelta 4 11:58:2612:33:0900:34:4315.8710.78110.0197.0307
60001Mark GravestockGBRExplorer 212:00:2112:35:3900:35:1815.6110.78106.0197.0303
70786Andrew AustinGBRFusion Light11:55:4112:32:2300:36:4215.0110.7896.5197.0294
81910gary StenhouseGBRArtik R11:57:3912:34:5300:37:1414.8010.7892.9197.0290
90005Alexander BuckGBRSigma 11Flybubble11:56:0312:37:3900:41:3613.2410.7864.1197.0261
100888Ed WeareGBRExplorer 212:03:0312:50:3400:47:3111.6010.7826.5197.0224
110004Max EdwardsGBRBuzz Z611:59:4812:52:4200:52:5410.4210.780.0197.0197
110046Yannick Le GallFRABase 211:59:3312:53:4200:54:0910.1810.780.0197.0197
130303Keith (Bud) PatersonGBRZeno12:14:2213:06:5200:52:3010.4910.740.0196.1196
130401David WarrenGBRExplorer12:14:2213:06:5200:52:3010.4910.740.0196.1196
150642Jack SewellGBRSigma 1012:18:5912:54:5800:35:5915.3110.550.0192.8193
160158Jakub KremskiGBRExplorer11:50:06 9.870.0180.2180
171302mark simpsonGBRSavagenone11:52:32 9.580.0175.0175
182604Ella Proffitt GBRPhoton12:19:21 8.840.0161.4161
191979Brian WallerGBRDelta 412:09:15 7.740.0141.4141
200100Timothy OliverGBRSwift 612:06:39 7.680.0140.3140
211958Paul WinterbottomGBRBeat Light11:49:51 6.160.0112.5113
224104Ian Miskin???GTO212:17:50 6.130.0112.1112
230601Simon FordGBRSigma 11xcview.net11:51:19 6.010.0109.8110
240023Peter HoldyGBRCure12:12:11 3.580.065.365
250002Viv FouracreGBRHelios RSNA00:00:00
250836Michael RawsterneGBRStep00:00:00
253769David McLeodGBRArakNone00:00:00
NYP0003Phil FouracreGBRHelios RSNA 
NYP0033Simon BaillieGBRExplorer 2N/A 
NYP0048Andy ArcherGBRIota 
NYP0064Steve EtheringtonGBRsector 
NYP0077John MurphyGBREden 7 
NYP0099Seth BarberGBROXA 2 
NYP0250Paul JigginsGBRZeno 2The Sick and The Wrong 
NYP0632william scottGBRAlpina2 
NYP1515Lester GordonGBRExplorer 2n/a 
NYP2222Steven MooreGBRRush 6 
NYP2990Gerald HeyGBRNyos  

LCC B Comp 2023

2022-06-17 to 2022-06-19, no FAI sanctioning

B Comp Sunday

18 June 2023 A Comp Sunday

Task T1 (Open) Sun 18-Jun-23

TO0.0 kmB57LT010 - Heron Pike
1Exit1.000 kmSS1.0 kmB57LT010 - Heron Pike
2Entry1.800 km2.1 kmB48LW001 - LW001
3Entry0.400 km4.9 kmB47LW002 - LW002
4Entry5.500 km7.8 kmB55LT012 - Wrynose
5Entry1.000 kmES8.7 kmB67BS001 - Grasmere LZ
GOALEntry0.400 km9.3 kmB67BS001 - Grasmere LZ


RankIDNameNationGliderSponsorStartFinishTimeSpeedDistanceSpd PDst PScore
10069Elliott brownGBRion 6 light12:12:4412:32:3500:19:5123.319.31278.2293.8572
20043Gareth JarvisGBRMentor 412:16:2012:43:1300:26:5317.219.31204.3293.8498
31543Adam MilwardGBRRook 312:12:1412:43:0700:30:5314.989.31170.6293.8464
40003Dimitrios Kanidis???Buzz Z612:13:3112:48:2700:34:5613.249.31138.6293.8432
50212Paul WelshGBRMentor 512:15:1512:52:3800:37:2312.389.31120.0293.8414
61005Simon RandGBRMentor11:57:5312:37:4500:39:5211.619.31101.5293.8395
70010Graham KnoxGBRMentor 412:25:08 7.300.0230.3230
80007Mike WilliamsGBRSwiftsix11:57:50 7.210.0227.5228
80202Jamie MoffatGBRArak12:15:56 7.230.0228.0228
100001Phil HewitsonGBRMojo 5-12:20:31 6.510.0205.4205
111234Richard MoffatGBRArakNone12:16:16 6.320.0199.4199
120816Barry RobertsGBRIota 2wife12:14:32 6.180.0195.0195
130333Magnus PierreGBRVivo12:20:13 6.060.0191.2191
140022Francisco SanchezGBREpic12:59:51
141100Lucy scottGBRibex00:00:00
143617George AllenGBRRook 2Avon HGPGC12:11:52
145014Melanie HeatherNZLRock 2paraventures.co.nz
145396David KirkGBRVision00:00:00
NYP0002Mark LimbGBRRUSH 5na 
NYP0008Alan DunnGBRK-light 
NYP0031Paul RowntreeGBRSymphonia 2n/a 
NYP0412Marcus TettGBRCarrera 
NYP0450Andy PlimmerGBRTenor light 
NYP0666John FarbridgeGBRMaestro 2 lightJohn Lewis Builders 
NYP2023Derek LuffmanGBRMaestroNone 
NYP3018Glenn StocktonGBRMeastro- 
NYP4321Tom ShuttleworthGBRMentor 7 Light 
NYP7168Stephen HannahGBRMaestro 2 
NYP8888Stephen ShovlarGBRIota 2N/A