Lakes Charity Classic - 2012

Location - Buttermere

Dates - 8/9 June 2012

Charity Beneficiaries

Air Ambulance £1,000
Buttermere Church £250
Buttermere School Room £250
Flyability  £750
Cockermouth Mountain Rescue £500
Royal National Lifeboat Institution £250
Total Donations £3,000

The 2012 competition was plagued by a large area of low pressure centred over northern England. An attempt to set an accuracy competition on the Friday had to be cancelled as take off in Buttermere was in cloud. By lunchtime, heavy rain had set in. On Saturday, all groups headed for the coast - A comp at Haig Pit and B Comp/coaching at Lowca. Despite low cloud just inland, it was possible to set tasks which were completed by some pilots. Evening conditions were difficult but there was an acro display.

A selection of photos from the weekend can be found on this web site

The A comp task was to fly from a turnpoint at the north end of the coast, overlooking Whitehaven Harbour to a turnpoint located 500m WSW of a trig point near the old Marchon works and then back to the first turnpoint. The winner was the pilot to do the task in the shortest time.

Position No Name Total Points
1 A047 Gary Stenhouse 00:08:51
2 A037 Martin Knight 00:08:52
3 A005 Alex Butler 00:09:29
4 A033 Simon Baillie 00:09:40
5 A011 Ron Donaldson 00:09:55
6 A024 William Maxwell 00:09:56
7 A031 Tony Bradley 00:10:29
8 A009 Andy Archer 00:10:45
9 A008 Harry Postill 00:10:52
10 A007 Ed Cleasby 00:10:54
11 A032 Chris Little 00:11:02
12 A057 John Murphy 00:11:20
13 A035 Jan Little 00:12:09
14 A015 Andy McLoughlin 00:12:11
15 A006 Keith Eastwood 00:13:31
16 A038 Will Cove 00:14:02
17 A046 Kay Myerscough 00:17:06
18 A054 Peter Wood 00:17:39
19 A012 Kevin McLoughlin 02:26:35


The B competition task was to fly from a turnpoint near take off north to Copperas Hill just south of Harrington and then return to the take off turn point. The winner was the pilot to do the task in the shortest time

Position No Name Time
1 B037 Paul Clarke 00:14:19
2 B014 Simon Blake 00:14:44
3 B031 Antony Baird 00:15:43
4 B013 Edmund Bewley 00:16:00
5 B053 William Scott 00:16:40

A comp winner - Gary Stenhouse


A comp 2nd place - Martin Knight


A comp 3rd place - Alex Butler


B comp winner - Paul Clarke


B comp 2nd place - Simon Blake


B comp 3rd place - Antony Baird


Coaching group - Ali Worrall for showing the best airmanship