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Jackie Knights - 04/11/2020

The BHPA are currently seeking guidance from the relevant government department to clarify (hopefully) that we can continue to fly for the next month. The lockdown rules are certainly different from last time and many outdoor organisations have already issued guidance that activities which are essentially “solo” can still be undertaken caving, climbing, fishing etc.
At this stage we will not be closing any Cumbrian Sites - unless we are asked to do so by the farmer or landowner. Please check the site guide every time you are thinking of flying as this will be the only way of getting bang up to date details of the status of any individual site.
Our reading of the rules (although detailed guidance is still to be published) is that its fine to fly as long as we follow the rules and exercise some common sense especially as our activity is so visible:
Stick to being with just one other person (either from your household, bubble or one other)
Don't lift share
Don't travel more than a “short” distance to the site
Don't rely on public transport or hitchhiking
Don't gather together in landing fields, on take-off or in carparks
Don't walk up in more than twos
Consider fellside landing and walking down, if its safe to do so
Where possible, park a bit further away to reduce the perception of a gathering
Fly within your known limits the most recent Mountain Rescue guidance is to be “Adventure Smart” see Mountain Rescue website for more detail
Keep checking BHPA website for updates (the most recent is important info about restricted hours of the Low Flying Booking cell)
If anyone challenges you or asks you not to fly, don't get into a confrontation
After all those “don'ts” here's the “dos”
Do get out and enjoy yourselves (as far as possible!) and do stay safe


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