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Burney Fell

Key Facts

Status : Red
Status Message : Unfortunately due to a new tenant leasing the land to rear game birds we have to stop flying this site until further notice.
IMPORTANT - Restrictions on use No training allowed on Burney! This has been a big problem and really upsets Ashlack Estates.
Last Updated : 21/12/2021 at 16:09 by Ian Henderson
Wind : WSW - NW Nil Wind : N
Grid Ref : SD259855 Height (AMSL) : 850' / 260m
Site Code : 17.059 Top to Bottom : 350' / 107m


S Lakes - NE of Ulverston


Consists of one large west facing bowl and a short north west ridge. This site can be inter-flown with Burlington when the wind is WNW to NW. The best wind direction is WNW and, given thermal help (rare), a wider area can be explored and the relative small size of the site becomes of little consequence. The landing area is shared with the Burlington site.

Local Sites Contact - John Westall 07884 037144

Site Officer

John Westall : 07884 037144


Postcode for Sat Nav Systems

LA17 7XS

Riggwell, to the west of take off on the other side of the road

Getting There

From the A5092(T) turn right (if approaching from the east) on to a minor road heading for Woodland. Park on the left after 150m.

Getting to takeoff

From the parking area, head NNW making for the summit area of Burney.

XC potential

Occasionally a thermal can be found here but they tend to be illusive and short lived.

Permission to use site

Ashlack Estates (Ashlack Hall).


Additional Safety Notes

Be aware of the wind turbines behind the ridge/quarry at Burlington. Public telephone at Grizebeck (800m west) and at Gawthwaite (400m east). Adjacent to the busy A5092(T). Power lines cross the fields below the site.


The site is fine for paragliders but it may be difficult to cross to Burlington.

Hang Gliding

This is an easy site but care should be taken on top landing. It is best to inspect beforehand and then plan to approach from the north. If below take-off height then go for the bottom landing area. Don't sratch as you can get trapped in the bowl and are left with sloping fields out front.

XC potential

Occasionally a thermal can be found here but they tend to be illusive and short lived.

Burney Fell Map