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Wrynose Pass

Key Facts

Status : Amber
Status Message : Now no need to call in at Fell Foot Farm during current pandemic situation .
This is therefore not currently a windsock site.

During the Covid19 period:
- Please be sensitive to local concerns: park with consideration, ensure you follow BHPA/government guidelines, respect requests of locals and avoid confrontation.
- Fly with greater safety margins than normal.
- If you do get involved in any dispute please inform the Site Officer as soon as possible.

There is a bird of prey nesting near the site. 2 wings have been damaged (June 2020). Strong likelihood of attack if you hang round near the site. Please be sensitive to the wildlife.
IMPORTANT - Restrictions on use To clarify, we were once asked to call in to the farm, this is now not required and this situation can remain this way if we fly responsibly avoiding stock. The landing areas have been amended, taking out the old field landing options, which in turn has allowed us to fully open this site. Please respect the request for No dogs!

The farmer has asked us to keep well clear of hay and silage fields. This shouldn't be a problem as most flights end above the intake wall.
Last Updated : 01/01/2021 at 16:01 by John Westall
Wind : ENE - ESE Nil Wind : N
Grid Ref : NY279030 Height (AMSL) : 1600' / 488m
Site Code : 17.084 Top to Bottom : 1100' - 700' / 336m - 214m


Central Lakes - W of Ambleside


A stunningly spectacular site with the bonus of a road to the top (a short walk up may be necessary in lighter winds). Can be turbulent in strong winds if not a due easterly. A good site to begin exploring the Coniston and Langdale fells.

Site Officer

John Westall : 07884 037144


Postcode for Sat Nav Systems

LA22 9PE

Fell Foot Farm.

Getting There

Approach from the south west via the Dunnerdale valley or from the east via Little Langdale.

Getting to takeoff

Take off can be just in front of the parking area or via a short walk 200' / 80m higher on the ridge to the north.

XC potential

Limited to the west but good potential to use as a starting point to explore the Coniston or Langdale fells when conditions allow.

Permission to use site

Fell Foot Farm.


Additional Safety Notes

The site becomes increasingly turbulent if wind goes more than 20 degrees off the hill. Beware of this as it has caught pilots out and has resulted in accidents. Also be vigilent for the sea-breeze that will come in over the back!


Beware penetration problems over the higher peaks. Land at the bottom of the bowl 700'/ 225m below T.O. or by the side of the road leading up to pass ( below Hollins Slack).

Hang Gliding

In light winds it is usual to carry to the higher take-off.

XC potential

Limited to the west but good potential to use as a starting point to explore the Coniston or Langdale fells when conditions allow.

Wrynose Pass Map