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Walla Crags

Key Facts

Status : Amber
Status Message : If there is stock in the landing fields (which are connected by an open gate) do not land in the field they are in at the time you come in to land - you will see where they are clearly as you make your approach
Please park considerately and use gloves when you touch the gates - the farmer was worried about being inundated with visitors post lockdown, so be aware

During the Covid19 period:
- Please be sensitive to local concerns: park with consideration, ensure you follow BHPA/government guidelines, respect requests of locals and avoid confrontation.
- Fly with greater safety margins than normal.
- If you do get involved in any dispute please inform the Site Officer as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT - Restrictions on use SAFETY: This site lies in the path of the busiest military low flying corridor in the country. THIS SITE MUST BE NOTAM'd prior to ANY MID WEEK FLYING.(Tel: 0800 51 55 44 - SITE CODE 17.078 GRID REF: NY 277 214). WALLA CRAG IS A NOTAM ONLY SITE (for ALL mid week flying before 6pm). Any pilot who is known to have flown on Walla Crag 'mid-week' and has failed to carry out the correct NOTAM procedure WILL BE NAMED AND SHAMED. Continued abuse of the SITE RULES governing flying at Walla Crag WILL RESULT IN THE SITE BEING CLOSED and measures put in place to prevent future flying at the site. DO NOT overfly the farm buildings at any time.
Keep the head of the road clear of parked cars. Use the footpath along the edge of the field to exit by. No dogs allowed on the site.
Last Updated : 09/12/2020 at 22:25 by Rick Livingstone
Wind : WNW - NW Nil Wind : N
Grid Ref : NY277214 Height (AMSL) : 1210' / 369m
Site Code : 17.078 Top to Bottom : 450' / 137m


N Lakes - S of Keswick


An excellent light wind site; can be inter-flown with Latrigg. The cliff edge requires a take-off with conviction! Not good for nil/very light wind forward launches, due to flat top & limited space. This is a good reliable thermal site and is in the right place for convergence. Also a classic afternoon site in a gentle seabreeze.

Site Officer

Rick Livingstone : 07761187016


Postcode for Sat Nav Systems

CA12 4TE

Just north of Castlerigg Farm which in turn is 500m north of Rakefoot Farm

Getting There

Approach from the A591. Descending into Keswick from the south, take a minor road on the left leading to Castlerigg campsite. Parking space is limited to 6 cars. DO NOT block road/access to Rakefoot Farm. There is a possibility of parking at Castlerigg campsite - a donation is required.

Getting to takeoff

From the road end climb the hillside heading towards the right following the line of the field boundary. The take off is 30m beyond the small gate.

XC potential

nice ridge runs down towards Borrowdale and further afield.

Permission to use site

Rakefoot Farm, Castlerigg Farm and The National Trust




Top land well back behind the wall - in moderate winds rotor may exist some distance back from the edge.Keep away from the trees please and do not overfly the farm.

Take Off

Correctly identify the take-off point. There is a small, flat heather covered rigging area in front of the wall 30m beyond a small access gate. The usual take-off is just in front of this.

This is a cliff take-off requiring commitment and with no second chances.

Some people choose to take off 20m further on at the slightly higher rocky knoll.

Whole site is not good for nil/light wind forward launches

Landing Areas

Official landing field is near to Rakefoot Farm, from lane, over the gate and the stream, up the bank there are 2 fields which are connected by an open gateway. If either is empty of stock, choose that one. Good idea to check out the landing field before flying, if its your first time here.

From the air, approach with care as trees near farm are now quite big. Can be lifty over these fields. If you loose height by take off, you need to make a quick decision when to turn and head for this landing field - if in doubt head out and land at the bottom.

Just below take-off height top landing is possible - 100m to the right of take off (near the approach path).

It is possible to top land if you stay well back and land behind the wall to keep clear of rotor caused by the cliff edge

OK to land in one of the empty fields alongside the Borrowdale Road at the bottom.

If you fly down towards Borrowdale, beware there are some areas between the Youth Hostel and take off where there is no bottom landing


excellent lifty site, particularly in late afternoon sea breeze/convergence/restitution. Can be thermic.

XC potential

nice ridge runs down towards Borrowdale and further afield.

Walla Crags Map