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Ullock Pike

Key Facts

Status : Amber
Status Message : Choose a landing area on the low fell, away from stock. Do not land in fields on the lake side of A591.

Please do not go to the farm during current pandemic. This is a sensitive site - in addition to everything else the farmer was tragically killed in an accident in May 2020.

During the Covid19 period:
- Please be sensitive to local concerns: park with consideration, ensure you follow BHPA/government guidelines, respect requests of locals and avoid confrontation.
- Fly with greater safety margins than normal.
- If you do get involved in any dispute please inform the Site Officer as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT - Restrictions on use The following rule currently suspended: Check that it is OK to use the lower of the bottom landing fields before flying (top to bottom 650' / 200m).
Last Updated : 09/12/2020 at 22:24 by Rick Livingstone
Wind : W - WNW Nil Wind : N
Grid Ref : NY240304 Height (AMSL) : 1000' / 305m
Site Code : 17.077 Top to Bottom : 550' / 168m


N Lakes - W of Skiddaw


A stunning site only marred by very tricky top landing. From Ullock the whole Skiddaw area can be explored.

Site Officer

Rick Livingstone : 07761187016


Postcode for Sat Nav Systems

CA12 4QY

About 500m NNE of the parking area. The point is near the 164m spot height is on a 1:50000 map. If you're coming from south and west, stop before you reach this point.

Getting There

Take the A591 from Keswick heading north along the side of Bassenthwaite Lake. At High Side bear right up a minor road and after 300m there is a pull in place with limited parking.

Getting to takeoff

Use the footpath that goes round the north spur of the ridge and approaches the take off area from the back. DO NOT go directly up the field to the wooden stile.

XC potential

Good XC's have been done from here but not always an easy place to get away from.

Permission to use site

High Side (located at the junction with main road), Barkbeth and Hole House



This is a classic spine back ridge

Dangerous and severe rotor behind the ridge

If wind goes off to the south it can become violently rough.

If dropping back onto Skiddaw have at least 600' ato. (185m)

Rotor behind Dodd.

Electric wires at bottom of landing field.

Take Off

Can take off area from the first knoll or the shoulder.

Landing Areas

If winds are light there are a few high level landing options.

Best bottom landing for PGs is above the car park - but fields do slope away from the hill.

Electric wires at bottom of landing field.


Excellent in light to moderate winds but beware of penetration problems in stronger winds.

XC potential

Good XC's have been done from here but not always an easy place to get away from.

Ullock Pike Map