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Key Facts

Status : OK
IMPORTANT - Restrictions on use Don't hang around in front of Summerhills - please respect the residents privacy.No dogs allowed onto the site.

Please refrain from driving vehicles on to site. The farmer has requested that we park off the track alongside the fence where there is a small strip of grass about the width of a car, better still park in the main Carpark.
Last Updated : 29/10/2020 at 09:53 by Ian Henderson
Wind : SW - WSW Nil Wind : N
Grid Ref : SD118815 Height (AMSL) : 40' / 12m
Site Code : 17.055 Top to Bottom : 40' / 12m


SW Lakes - N of Millom


A convenient low level place when other sites are blown out (ie "the Combe"). New fencing has meant a low level take-off, although a better take off now exists a mile further north via a different approach. Generally very smooth with good lift that allows the site to be extended 3.5 km to the north with small "challenges" on the way. Sea thermals can provide good height gains which allow the "Combe" to be gained.

Local Sites Contact - Jaysen Metcalfe 07811 120614

Site Officer

Jaysen Metcalfe : 07811 120614


Postcode for Sat Nav Systems

LA18 4NX

The postcode centre is the telephone box near the end of the road from Silecroft to the beach. Carry on a bit further and turn right into the car park.

Getting There

Turn off A5093 at Silecroft and follow minor road towards the beach. Turn right down a track after 500m. Park after 150m Keep track clear.

Getting to takeoff

Can be walked from the beach car park to south end take off. Alternatively, it can be driven via a track that starts 100m before the beach car park (goes to Summerhills). Park by second gate. North end ... drive a road/track to buildings and walk in. Take off is 120m N of Summerhils.

XC potential

Limited but there is potential if the "Combe" can be gained.

Permission to use site

Whitbeck (for access and take off south end.)Townend Farm, Whitbeck (access and take off north end)


Additional Safety Notes

Check the state of the tides. Don't scratch.


This is a good safe site but take care on launch if windy due to compression (there can be no wind at the base of the banking but on the crest, 30'/ 10m higher it can be 15 - 20mph!). Avoid flying low in front of Summerhills as the residents like their privacy.

Hang Gliding

No problems but easy to mess up the low level launch and end up on the beach so avoid high tide! Don't scratch; if below the top then go down, land and walk the glider back up. Good top landing.

XC potential

Limited but there is potential if the "Combe" can be gained.

Silecroft Map