Cumbria Soaring Club

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+ Nil Wind


Key Facts

Status : OK
IMPORTANT - Restrictions on use
Please ensure you follow any current BHPA/Government COVID guidelines (including refraining from flying if requested).


- All pilots flying must have a radio on the club frequency 143.700.

- LAND IN DESIGNATED FIELDS ONLY i.e. the fields near the roundabout across the road from the caravan park (see Map)

- The site may be closed in the lambing period.

- Please use the site with care as it was only reinstated after a long period of no access.

Last Updated : 20/04/2021 at 23:21 by Rick Livingstone
Wind : SW - NW Nil Wind : Y
Grid Ref : NY277246 Height (AMSL) : 1180' / 360m
Site Code : 17.067 Top to Bottom : 880' / 268m


N Lakes - N of Keswick


A grassy hill which rises up from the north of Keswick. Access same as Jenkin Hill/Skiddaw.

The site is limited to a maximum of 10 gliders.

The SW slope is small and limited, Works best in a NW

Site Officer

Rick Livingstone : 07761187016


Postcode for Sat Nav Systems

CA12 4PH

Underscar Manor (Underscar hotel on map). The postcode centre is on the access road to the car park about 1km to the west.

Getting There

From the roundabout north of Keswick on the A66, take the northern exit A591 to Carlisle. Immediately on leaving the rundabout, take the side toad on the right (a caravan park entrance is on the right). Follow this road for around one and a half miles, where you will see another minor road trailing in sharply from the right. Takes this road which takes you up to the main car park for walkers climbing Skiddaw. On a busy day, parking can be difficult. Do not park on the fell side of the gate at the end of the car park. This is reserved for flying schools. You can drive through to drop gear off but do not leave your car here.

Getting to takeoff

From the top of the car park go through the gate and turn right. Latrigg is the rise in front. Go to the south or western side to find the best site for takeoff for the conditions.

XC potential

O.K. until it seabreezes then it is often poor.

Permission to use site

Negotiated by Northern Sites Officer



Can be turbulent if the wind turns N of NW, when it comes over Skiddaw/Little Man

Take Off

large grassy, easy take off areas

Landing Areas

- Good top landing or slope landing area on the fell.

- Bottom landing options are those fields near the roundabout across the road from the caravan park (see Map)

- Beware of the big trees and sloping land in the field nearest the roundabout.

- The site may be closed during the lambing period, take care not to land near lambs or disturb livestock.

- DO NOT LAND IN THE FIELDS on the Latrigg side of the road.


A pleasant and attractive site with an easy walk to take off.

Most time however it does not work particularly well without an appreciable breeze.

Sea breeze usually kills it

Other local sites offer much better soaring possibilities.

XC potential

O.K. until it seabreezes then it is often poor.

Latrigg Map