Cumbria Soaring Club

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SW - W


Key Facts

Status : OK
IMPORTANT - Restrictions on use Maximum of eight gliders allowed. Not a recommended site for pilots less than Pilot (Hill) rated. Do not fly low over horses or the village whilst on landing approach. Do not take off on the Scar and do not block the entrance road or gate. No dogs.
Last Updated : 20/04/2021 at 19:45 by John Westall
Wind : SW - W Nil Wind : N
Grid Ref : SD488892 Height (AMSL) : 445' / 135m
Site Code : 17.022 Top to Bottom : 430' / 131m


SE Lakes - W of Kendal


A more extensive site than it at first appears with several miles of ridge and escarpment to fly. Conditions very much dictate the length of effective ridge. A once very popular and convenient site for HG. It has more recently become quite popular amongst the PG XC pilots. On take off the lift often only starts at the tree lined ridge at the lower edge of the field; this has then to be cautiously worked up onto the main scar.

Site Officer

John Westall : 07884 037144


Postcode for Sat Nav Systems


Holeslack Farm. Satnav should guide you along the track past the church at SD488889 which is close to the take off area. If you get to the end point, you've gone too far.

Getting There

Approach from the east (A591) via a narrow, minor road which leads to just over crest of the hill. Alternatively, from the A590 via Levens to Brigsteer village then road up face of hill. A cattle grid on a sharp bend marks the entrance to the site.

Getting to takeoff

No walk involved. Usual to rig by or close to car.

XC potential

Excellent. This is a good thermal site.

Permission to use site

Take off field and bottom landing Field; although the site is National Trust land, the Take off and Bottom landing fields are farmed by Mr John Wilson of High House Farm.


Additional Safety Notes

Care on take off, especially if wind is off to the north. Check lie of power line across nearest landing field. Low flying military jets use the area midweek (NOTAM). Telephone in village by the (only) pub. Don't scratch close to trees!

The field from which we launch does suffer from harvest mites(Chiggers). You have been warned.


This site used to be rarely flown due to the shallow nature of the take off field, but in more recent years it has proven, in the right conditions to be very good. In fact this site now holds the accolade of being the launch pad for the longest distance flown from Cumbria. Despite the relative ease to go XC from here, it is not a location which is really suited for non thermic soaring and shouldn't be flown by pilots with less than Pilot rating!
The Fields directly below the take off area have now been officially negotiated as a bomb-out field useful for the PG pilot only. Please do not use them when the grass is getting ready for cutting as these are used as hay fields. These fields are useful in an emergency but should not be regarded as the main landing out option; the lower ones are undoubtedly the better.

Hang Gliding

A pleasant and interesting site to fly with the take off ranging from easy to, "I don't want to do that again!" Easy top landing but keep well back until familiar with the approach. Beware of small trees on the overshoot. Better thermal than ridge soaring site. If bottom landing try to pick a field without crop or stock; many are available adjacent to the road which crosses the plain in front of take off.

XC potential

Excellent. This is a good thermal site.

Brigsteer Map