First Coaching Day of the Season (2007)

Anon - 18/04/2007

Around thirty pilots turned up on Saturday 7th April for the first CSC coaching day this year.
The met for the day looked favourable with light W to NW winds, and reasonable sunshine to generate thermals, although there was an inversion present to cap things off a bit. On coaching duty were Senior Club Coach, and Coaching Officer Dave (Dangerous) Ashcroft, assisted by Senior Coach Malcolm Grout.

Dave had produced a short questionnaire to help gauge pilots currency and experience in order to split the group best according to individual needs. The group naturally split quite evenly between the two coaches which worked well.

The less experienced pilots or those with long layoffs since last flying accompanied Dave to Buttermere Moss, with the possibilities of gentle soaring on a smaller hill or easy top to bottoms with big landing areas and the benefit of being able to drive back up to Newlands Hause.

Pilots with rather more air time or XC aspirations accompanied Malcolm to Clough Head.

A visit was made to Threlkeld football ground to arrange lifts, leave cars, and view the area as a possible landing. It was then off to the bottom of the coach road and up the hill.

Everyone wandered up onto the Threlkeld Knotts take off area. A short briefing followed to assess the site, possible XC options, safety and the all important DO NOT LAND IN VALE OF ST JOHN message. It was clearly soarable by the already airborne gliders. The briefing was therefore kept reasonably short, mobile phone numbers exchanged and a check that everyone was ‘buddied up’ with a least one other pilot. The air was tested, and flying commenced. A couple of pilots were happy just to boat around the site, others ended the day flying to Threlkeld and another couple made a short journey down to Thirlspot and Brown Cove Craggs.

Dave Ashcroft & Malcolm Grout.






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