Sunset over Maryport

Paul Gannon - 03/08/2003

Thursday 21 July 2005. Late evening North Westerly, need somewhere close to home for a flight - Maryport will do nicely!

Lovely soaring conditions, easily able to stay up without any effort at all. Able to fly the ridge continuously hands-off, including weight shift turns at each end.

After a little while I noticed somebody taking photos. With the sun setting over Scotland I guessed there were going to be some good shots if I flew close enough for him to get full frame pictures. When he'd finished, the guy shouted up his phone number and said I could have copies, and that's what you can see here.

Out of the fifteen he sent me, it was a hard choice picking just three for this article. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did posing for them!








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